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@hart7668: Thats why on battle forum debates we split the difference between travel speed and Combat Speed.

Example, I know a character who can read everything in five minuets too due to super speed mind reading. However there Combat Speed is Peak Human.

So Travel Speed, Mental Speed, ect... do not equal Combat Speed. Some people on here cannot seem to understand this.

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@monarch_prime said:

Once again,Anime looses.

best argument i've ever seen.

do u even have full knowledge of the characters?

I do,that's why i bothered to say something.

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While none of the manga characters are that strong in comparison to Superman, based on how he's generally written I don't see Superman's physical durability being able to stop their attacks, certainly not Ichigo's; Shinigami attacks your soul, not your physical body anyway. That said, really depends how Superman is written, if he stands and tries to tank everything, like he does usually with bullets, he's going down, but if he fights intelligently, realizes they can hurt him, then he can use his speed to dodge and then it becomes easy victory.

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Current superman is unimpressive. Team should win.

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Naruto at his peak could come close to soloing this.

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Superman easily, the power margin is way too wide, he is much stronger faster and has much greater durability and striking power then either of them or combined lol