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gotta give it to scorpion, his heel-fire techniques would make a differance

#2 Posted by DRDOOMSDAY390 (1505 posts) - - Show Bio

VS ((somewhere in outworld))

#3 Posted by TheGoldenSurfer10000 (269 posts) - - Show Bio

Scorpion Takes The Victory.

#4 Posted by ulitmateninjagaidenx (2184 posts) - - Show Bio

scorpion wins.

#5 Posted by Ego (2528 posts) - - Show Bio

Scorpion is a ghost.. what can Storm Shadow do to him? It would take all of Cobra!! to defeat scorpion

#6 Posted by King Saturn (219805 posts) - - Show Bio

Scorpion wins here easy. Scorpion has the advantage of Hell Fire attacks and other wide range abilities that could take Storm Shadow out.