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round1: SL vs SR

round2: SL vs 2012

round3: SR vs 2012

takes place in NY (random spawnpoints - they both get a GPS shows the position of the opponent until the first encounter (I mean they are closer than 50m from each other) then the devices automatically turn off)

bloodlust on

Stan Lee's and 2012 version get their web-shooting machine

1 day prep time

win by death

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Round 1: Stan Lee's Spiderman

Round 2: Stan Lee's Spiderman

Round 3: ASM/2012 Spiderman (Raimi's Spiderman was just a smart nerd, Webb's Spiderman invented Web Shooters which is pretty impressive technology for a 17 year old to make. I think he could make something that could put Tobey Spiderman down.)

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If you mean Comic book Spider-Man when you talk about Stan-Lee, then he wins handily, followed by Tobey Maguire.