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The race starts in Los Angeles, CA and ends in Sandiego, CA after each competitor cmpletes one lap around the world, crossing through the marked checkpoints. There are NO PITSTOPS. Speed has his original Mach 5 with its gadgedts and Cpt. Falcon has the Blue Falcon. Who wins?
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Please tell me there is a ginormous track around the world...unless the mach 5 can turn into a boat
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A special track has been built for this event
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Zero can't drive
Zero can't drive
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Capt. Falcon.

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But seriously puns are not good.

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@benjieweiss: Bumping a thread so you can post a pun? For shame.

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F-zero mercs i believe.

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Captain Falcon

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Falcon.. im pretty sure his vehicle is much faster hat Speed Racer.

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@benjieweiss said:

Zero can't drive
Zero can't drive