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Sir lancelot gets all movie and Books feats.

Gannicus is limited to the whole Sparticus show.

Both are at 20 ft Distance.

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I see where AVX got Phoenix Namor's costume from..

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sir lancelot to me

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Their equipment is extremely relevant to the outcome. A broadsword is at a severe disadvantage against Gannicus' dual swords and light armor; as well, his full armor (with no helmet to boot) would only serve to slow him down while protecting areas that are not of vital importance in 1 on 1 combat

Unless Lancelot has some impressive borderline superhuman speed/strength feats (which Gannicus would have as well) he'll have his neck cut in a few strokes I'm afraid

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I'm willing to bet Gannicus can beat him blindfolded.

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If Lancelot gets everything from the books then he is considered a champion of God himself, and there is no way he could possibly lose.

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Who wins and Why?

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Launcelot from Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur and from Excalibur (film) would beat Gannicus eleven times out of ten.

Launcelot from Camelot (Musical), First Knight (Film), Merlin (BBC), King Arthur (recent film) gets owned.