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Luthor suddenly transports them all into a coliseum and the teleportation makes them have bloodlust.

Free for all to the death.

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Going with Adam here. What is Metallo doing here? Just to nullify Supe?

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Hate to come across as a fanboy but I gotta go with Superman on this one. If bloodlusted, I see the fighters going against their regular foes, I.E. Black Adam and Captain Marvel immediately go at it, as does Superman and Metallo. Sinestro, even though he's bloodlusted still has the presence of mind to sit back and take out whoever wins. It probably means he has to fight Superman first because a bloodlusted Superman destroy's Metallo very quickly, and I mean damn near instantly. He then fights Sinestro, and after a long drawn out battle manages to finish him off. While this is going on Black Adam and Captain Marvel are beating the tar out of each other until one of them emerges, (Doesn't matter which one as with bloodlust they're essentially the same) severely beaten/weakened.... allowing Superman to finish him off. The biggest chink in this scenario is whether Superman can beat Sinestro and still have the power/strength left to deal with a severely weakened Marvel or Adam. I think he can.

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adam or sinestro

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Probably Superman or Black Adam...

I can see someone getting Sinestro's power ring away from him rendering him totally useless... and if it's Black Adam who does it he will be dead. Captain Marvel / Black Adam is usually always a good battle... but BA should win unless Supes give Cap some help...

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Superman ftw

With Superman bloodlusted no one here has the speed to keep up.

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Sinestro or Black Adam

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2-Black Adam


4-Captain Marvel


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Metallo immediately gets smashed and somebody "borrows" his kryptonite to kill Superman. Then Black Adam takes it.

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  1. Black Adam or Superman
  2. Black Adam or Superman
  3. Captain Marvel
  4. Sinestro
  5. Matello
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sinestro wins

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Adam or Cap.

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Black Adam

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Metallo would be the first to go. He doesn't bring much to the table, except Kryptonite, and to be honest, in a situation like this, that doesn't matter. The next to go would be Sinestro, for the same reason of Metallo; not bringing much to the table. His ring is powerful, but that's it, his ring. That can easily be removed. This fight would come down to Black Adam, Superman, and Captain Marvel. I think Captain Marvel would be the next to go, mainly because of him being too gullible. Black Adam and Superman's minds would beat him. So this would come down to Superman and Black Adam. That fight is pretty even, but Superman would ultimately win. Superman's power is kind of limitless. He will generate however much power is needed in certain situations.