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Versions: Stricklly from the "spiderman Big time" Macgargan and Kingsley not Urich ( no cheap scream )

Location: Inside Kingpins tower

Weapons: Kingsley only has his sword and glider wings scorpions has his new suit

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I would give it to scorpion after a great battle.

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@matanui123: You know that the Version of Hobgoblin (and the version in the picture) in Big Time is Urich though right? That's why Spidey is in the Anti-sonic suit.

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Hmmm Kingsley is a pretty smart fighter and that sword was pretty impressive, but Scorpion had pretty insane durability, and some pretty decent strength feats before his current upgrade. I think I'll give it to Scorpion after a good match. He was able to hit the ground at terminal velocity after being smacked by Ms. Marvel and laugh it off.

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@Shawnbaby: I know but I couldn't find a Kingsley one on google images. Sorry.