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Reed must take down The Big Red Cheese. He has access to his usual resources and is given two weeks of prep time. Billy Batson gets zero prep.

Fight takes place in some random Arizona desert, courtesy of Google Images.

Who Wins?

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Well with the Ultimate Nullifier I think this is a quick on for Reed. But because that is cheap I say read builds a magical dampener that emits a wave or forc field. As Marvel flys into the field he reverts back to Billy Bastion then read uses his hand to stretch around Billy's mouth and not letting him say Shazam while also choking him out until he passes out. When Billy wakes up his mouth is clamped shut or his vocal cords are temporally disabled so he cant say Shazam again. Reed wins.

I think given two weeks prep time Reed could find a way to defeat a lot of people. Doom uses many magical artifacts and reed has found ways to by pass them. The trick is to bate Marvel into getting close enough to a devise that will transform him back to Billy.

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Reed is the Batman of Marvel for me. What I mean is Reed with prep beats almost anyone.