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All have become immortal and have 1000 years of prep. No outside help. No attacking someone before the 1000 year finishes. No HOTU, IG, ALE.

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Where's John Constantine?

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Given Thanos has used the HoU I struggle to see how any of the others can compare.

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Didn't Thanos become basically god?

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Of those one's I'm actually going to say Lex Luthor. He's the smartest human in DC (And I maintain the smartest human in either company), and he prepped to overcome his own death (the whole clone thing). He also became a god at one point, and despite being one of the great villains he also successfully ran and won the Presidency.

Though I stil think The Doctor (Doctor Who) is the prep god.

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If they were all in a battle and each had the same amount of prep,

Thanos in an ultimate stomp.

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The most paranoid one thinks of everything.

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Thanos and Doom for me, as far as comics go.

But as @rpottage: said, the Doctor cannot be beaten. With 1000 years prep he'd be unbeatable.

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How is Batman winning? Doom would stomp the $#!T out of Batman in a battle of prep. Actually most of the people on this list would beat him in prep.

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Few missing in my book. Brainiac 5, Vril Dix II, John Constantine, Kang and Tao to name a few.

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LOL @ Lex Luthor!! 

It took Lex 73 years prep to become near-omnipotent, just to lose it in the next issue.

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@The_Lunact_And_Manic said:

Where's John Constantine?


Dr. Who is the true prep master however. No one here is beating him.

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@Batman242 said:

The most paranoid one thinks of everything.

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Batman my vote even tied him with Doom

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thanos is the best prep god, he has more knowledge and itntellect than any others. he even came up with a plan to defeat galactus to an inch of his life

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Mr. Fantastic has 0 votes and Darkseid has more votes, why exactly?

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I'd give this to either Doom or Thanos. Probably Doom.

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This is between Doom, Lex and Thanos. If Morningstar was in it, daaaaaaaaaaayyyyum! Sh*t hits the fan.