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This a Marvel vs DC Crossover Comic Battle between Pre Crisis (Green Lantern) Hal Jordan & Silver Surfer Norrin Rad (Captain Universe Power).
Battle Location will take place in the Multiverse near the Source Wall.
Who Wins and Why???
                                                                                     Pre Crisis (Green Lantern) Hal Jordan

                                                                                                                        Silver Surfer ( Uni Power )

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interesting battle... I am tempted to say its a stalemate... both have crazy versatility
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can someone fill me in on both characters?
im not very familiar with pre crisis hal jordan and i dont even know hat this surfer can do..

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pre crisis hal would win

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Here I see surfer can beat green lantern, but it's Kyle Ryner.


- Is pre crisis Hal equals current Parallax Hal (in overall strength and ability)?

- But anyhow, I still quote Silver Surfer, coz he can match GL in energy / matter manipulation, but also can match Thor or BRB in physical strength