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Forearms VS Knuckles! Who will win in this all-out fistfight of brute strength? Popeye the Sailor Man, or Knuckles the Echidna?

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  • Last survivor of the Knuckles Clan
  • One of the strongest characters in the Sonic Series
  • Has 4 giant pointed knuckles
  • Main attack: Knuckle Punch
  • Master of martial arts
  • Extraordinary physical strength - Can shatter boulders with his fist
  • Highly resilient
  • With 7 Chaos Emeralds, becomes Hyper Knuckles
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As Hyper Knuckles

  • Enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes
  • Invincible to all attacks besides smashing
  • Explosive punches
  • Can cause earthquakes
  • Returns to normal form when rings run out


  • Was born during a typhoon
  • Due to a healthy lifestyle, is extremely tough
  • Massive, bulging forearms
  • Packs a mean uppercut
  • Proficient brawler
  • Strong muscular strength
  • By eating spinach, gains superhuman strength
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After eating spinach:

  • Recieves a rediculous amount of strength
  • Increased speed and intelligence
  • Can punch a cow so hard, it turns into a full rack of cut and cleaned meats
  • Can punch a grandfather clock into many smaller alarm clocks
  • Can kill, pluck, and cook a giant vulture in under 5 seconds
  • Can give the sun a black eye
  • Metamorphic abilities - Can turn parts of his body into tools, e.g. hammers, anvils, guns

There will be 2 Rounds:

Round One: Normal Knuckles VS Popeye without spinach

  • Full-out brawl of punches
  • Winner by KO
  • Location: Sweethaven Village

Round Two: Hyper Knuckles VS Popeye with spinach

  • Full-out brawl of punches
  • Winner by KO or death
  • Location: The Floating Island
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I want to say Popeye loses round one, but destroys round two, since his spinach pretty much boosts him to the point that he can defeat whatever obstacle is at hand.

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Round 1 -Knuckles, Popeye never wins without Spinach

Round 2 - Popeye, because Popeye always wins with Spinach

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@Referee said:

Round 1 -Knuckles, Popeye never wins without Spinach

Round 2 - Popeye, because Popeye always wins with Spinach

Quoted for truth

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I'd take Popeye with spinach over almost anyone.

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Popeye with spinach has Gremlin level reality warping abilities.....

Pops takes round 2, but probably not round 1