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  • · Team chemistry comes into play.
  • · Knowledge is only on actual Knowledge of character has on other.
  • · Random Battles every time.
  • · Moral On. In Character.
  • · All Cannon Feats apply, unless stated all Feat Applies
  • · Will be Special Scenarios and at Times Obejectives. No need to even defeat your enemy.
  • · All Throwing Weapons, Arrows, and Ammo Weapons have a 100 cap unless Specified.



Overall Map. Team 1 Starts on top. Team 2 Starts on bottom.

Battlefield Intel!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Scan 1: Bottom Team Base.

Scan 2: Top Team Base.

Scan 3: Middle area looking at Top Team Base.

Scan 4: Left side area looking at Top Team Base.

Scan 5: Right side area looking at Top Team Base.



11) Venom Flash (Dual Machine Guns, Dual Pistols, 5 Grenades)

6) Winter Soldier (Bionic Arm, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, 5 Grenades)

3) Dare Devil (Billy Clubs)

2) Only the Main Team gain the Super Grenade Pack includes 5 Grenades, 5 Flashbangs, 5 Tear Gas, 5 WPs, and 5 Claymores.

1) 1 Weapon type (or Pair if they are Dual) Cancels Healing Factors of any kind for 1 Minuet. (Winter Soldier)

4) Whole Team Gains Ribbons, this allows total Immunity to ANY Status Effects. (Includes Illusions, TP, Poison, Burning, Freezing, and Chemical Weapons)

3) 1 Member Gains the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor. (Daredevil)

1) 1 Member Gains Halo Mjolnir Armour with Shields and Radar. No Stat Enhancers added. (Winter Soldier)

1) Com Gear with Headsets for Whole Team.

2) No more Bad Blood, this will removes Rivalries.

1) 1 Member is Morals off. (Venom)


15) Darth Vader (Lightsaber)

5) Hellboy (Revolver Hand Cannon)

3) Beast Boy

1) Morals off Beast Boy

7) Only your Main Team Gain the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor.


You proven yourself quite the capable asset. You helped retrieve the scientist, then you help win a major victory on the front lines. Now both those thing are coming into play, and I want you to carry out this important mission. After blowing up the Enemy Base in the Blood Gulch, the opportunity to assault the main enemy force is here. Thanks to the doctor we have the ultimate weapon destruction. I want your team to go in and deliver the weapon to the enemies base. To deliver it you must use a laser, with a effective 200 feet range, to paint the middle base for a solid minuet. Then you have 2 minuets before a Gunship will extract you at your base.

So to recap.

1) Pain Enemy middle Base with a 200 feet Laser for a Minuets.

2) Survive for 2 minuets till a Gunship can pick you up.

Sounds easy. Unfortunately we have reliable Intel the enemy has his own force on the ground to deploy the same weapon. so be on the look out. One more thing. Your entering a War Zone. Both sides in the battlefield do not know of your purpose and will fire on you. There is Seven Teams of 4 Scouts from both sides in the battlefield. They are represented by Yellow Triangles.


They are Armed with steel hard Vests, Bolters, possess 5 ton strength, super durability like Captain America, as well 100 years of combat experience.

That is a potential 56 Threats. Be careful.


For this mission you will have access to 1 of these Devices.

1) IFF System. You will not be fired on by Your sides Scouts.

2) 2 Lasers, you will be given 2 Laser Painters instead of 1.

3) Laser Painter alert. If someone is using a Painter on your base, you will know from where.

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I was actually hoping I would go up against you in this tourney. This should be very enjoyable. I'll take the laser painter alert perk.

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@cadencev2: nice set up! I'll have to take a good look at it before posting anything..

@juiceboks: hey! me too!! hope we can have a nice debate. I will take my perk later with my opening post.. you can start if you want..

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@higorm I'll probably start when I get off school in a little bit.

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@higorm: @juiceboks: Heads up Bros, I change the Op a slight bit with the scout positions and number of scouts.

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Let´s get down to business here! shall we @juiceboks??



Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Venom Flash (Dual Machine Guns, Dual Pistols, 5 Grenades)

1 Member is Morals off.

Winter Soldier (Bionic Arm, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, 5 Grenades)

1 Weapon type (or Pair if they are Dual) Cancels Healing Factors of any kind for 1 Minuet.

1 Member Gains Halo Mjolnir Armour with Shields and Radar. No Stat Enhancers added.

DareDevil (Billy Clubs)

1 Member Gains the Red Eye Drug, Venom Drug, and Banshee Drug. This allows added 2 Ton Strength, Bullet Time Reaction time on top of their own Reaction Time, and Wolverine Healing Factor.erks) Stealth Field, you gain the 1 minuet stealth Power Up. Activates when you need it.


For this mission you will have access to 1 of these Devices.

2) 2 Lasers, you will be given 2 Laser Painters instead of 1.


For this mission, I will divide my team, sending both Venom and Daredevil with the 2 laser painters towards the enemy base. Even with you paint alert, It´s going to be very hard for you to deal with 2 different enemies at the same time.

Bucky will stay protecting my base, with his thermal vision and radar, combined with Daredevil´s own radar my team is able to see everything from everywhere, so we don´t need this kind of help. Also, the winter soldier possess enough durability with his Halo Mjolnir armor to sustain any kind of attack that may come from the enemy team, but he won´t let them take any chance since he will be aiming and shooting anything at sight, also using his grenades to take them down. Claymores will be planted around the base so he can blow them in case the enemy try to make any approximation.

Venom will use his shapeshifting abilities to turn himself into one of thoses Scouts so he can move free and unnoticed by the enemies, avoind unnecessary contact. But, in the proccess of approaching the required distance to use the laser, the Agent Venom will use the symbionte to control some of those Scouts to make them fight each other, also taking the fight to your base to draw attention for your team, giving time for my team to use the laser without a problem.

Venom and Daredevil will be carrying an assorted of grenades including (flashbangs, tear gas, explosives and WPs). They will use those bombs against the Scouts and your team if needed, considering that neither of them possess protection against status alterarion.

Matt will take this chance given by Venom to use his agility to quickly reach the point and use his own laser painter. Venom can take heavy fire if needed considering he also can vulk-out to bring multiple enemies down at the same time. Daredevil can avoid any attack since he possess enhanced strength, reaction time and healing factor.

So they can hold themselves for 1 minute and then leave the location returnig to the base and wait for the Gunship to extract them, Bucky can more then cover them with his weapons, and Venom can even run and shoot simultaneously with his tendrils.

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@higorm Indeed lets.


Beast boy will start by turning into a mini eagle to scout the area from high in the air. From a high altitude he should be able to ascertain where your team is(save for Flash) and who is moving towards where in no time. Upon acquiring this information he will notify Vader of the only person who is guarding your base, and Vader will make his way towards it with death in his mind.

Now Vader much like Bucky has extensive battlefield experience. Though I would consider him a greater expert on that due to his experience on various planets fighting many different types of enemies. Majority of which yielded to him in the end. That being said, he's not stupid. He could very well blitz every scout he senses or TK them in one fell wave of his hand, but again Vader is very battle savy. There's strength in numbers. He'll convince every scout that he comes across to make their way to your base shooting anything that isn't friendly(Jedi Mind Trick). With his leadership skills and force powers no scout should pose any threat to him. If he so happens to see Matt on his way to your base then force choke should take care of him. Not only is Vader the fastest person on this battlefield in base stats, but with the drug augmentation his speed is unmatched. Not only this but he also has his force senses and precog to give him a little heads up to who is where in his vicinity. The same goes for Venom though in his case he may have to resort to dismemberment. Any grenades thrown towards Vader would be TKed back at either Venom or Matt. If they do give away their location like that then they just sealed their fates. In the end even if he doesn't face any of your team on his way, he arrives to your base with atleast several scouts fighting for him. Claymores would be noticed by either BB telling Vader or Vader just assuming again due to his extensive experience in combat. He could TK them or simply levitate over. Bucky should die very quickly if this ends up happening. Vader has the laser pointer btw

My defense will be Hellboy at the base while BB circles around my end from above. If he sees anyone come near our side then he nosedives to catch them. Matt shouldn't be very hard to fight considering what a morals off BB can turn into. I'm imagining a 10 ft tall gibbon or yeti. Maybe something worse like a dragon..or phoenix. Actually a phoenix would do well against Flash. Not only would he not be able to hurt him but if he's engulfed in flames then he certainly would go down even if he does decide to Vulk out. I know he has avoided grenades and survived explosions but being engulfed in flames should do more than something like that.

Once Vader paints your base, if either Flash or Matt is still alive then he force sprints to their location and takes care of them like the ruthless dark lord he is.

I have points leftover so I think I forgot to remind Cadence that I gave Vader a Ribbon. Not that he needs it but ya know, just in case.

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1. This move is useless since I´ve already established in my strategy that Venom will use his abilities to manipulate the Scouts using the symbiote tendrils thus controlling them, making them fight each other bringing the fight to your side, calling attention of your team. Vader can´t just walk through them unnoticed, he will have to waste so time to get rid of them somehow. That time wasted will be the time used by my team to paint your base with the laser since my team possess 2 laser painters and Flash tactic also helps Daredevil to avoid those enemies.

Not to mention that Matt can use his senses to "see" that unusual bird flying over the map, Matt can use his radar, super hearing or smell and quickly discover that that it´s potencial threat. Once he does that, all he needs to do is tell Bucky about it using the com gear so the Winter Soldier one shot kill him.

2. Vader won´t see Matt since he can track his enemy using his superhuman senses, and his goal is to avoid unnecessary confrontation, so he can reach the 200 ft limit and use the laser painter. Venom is there to cover him since all my team needs is 1 minute to do the job, not to mention that Bucky can tag Vader and disturb his concentration.

Also, he needs to reach some distance to use force choke, once he did it to a Scout my team members will realize that potencial threat and avoid close combat, Vader will be lost in this whole warzone mess. I would like to see how he´s going to take Venom down through dismemberment.

The grenades (explosive) will be used against Scouts if needed, the status alteration grenades will be used against your team since both Hellboy and Beast Boy are susciptible to tear gas and flash bangs (unless proven otherwise), I´m considering that Vader must have some kind of protection of his own.

As said before, Bucky will blow the claymores at the imminence of any approach, I hardly believe that Beast Boy can see them since they will be hidden, that´s the whole point of the claymore. How Bucky will die quickly? Bucky will see Vader first with Radar and Thermal Vision, he is tagging the enemy with his sniper, he can blow the claymores and use a combination of WP´s and grenades, throw a flashbang and take a better position, he can even take damage since the Halo Mjolnir Armor give him a energy shield and possess a high durability. Not to mention that Bucky possess 2 different ways to take Darth Vader out, considering he is weak against eletrical attacks and since he is composed by some sort of eletronic device and hardware, Bucky can just release an EMP to shut his suit down.

3. I´m considering that we won´t need to even engage Hellboy in a fight at your base, since my team will work in 2 different tactics to deliver the package, using stealth mode to sucsessfully paint your base with the lasers, all we need is 1 minute.

But let´s imagine we need to fight Hellboy and Beast Boy, still wondering that Daredevil can´t see him while in a eagle form so Venom just shoot him up, and he turns himself into a giant whatever animal, well, in that case he will have to deal with a Morals Off Venom, and sincerely? He is far more impressive than Beast Boy. Venom fough the likes of Carnage, Toxin, Rulk and other heavy hitters without a problem, who are far more dangerous then Beast Boy. He just can´t handle a Vulking-out Venom here.

Your team have no idea about Venom weakness so I highly doubt he will go straight up to this tactic, and even if he will, Venom main weakness is sound not fire, he will need more then that to take him out, since Venom survided not just explosions but he put a guy called Hellstrom down after being hit by him with a powerfull attack based on fire while morals On.

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1. Flash isn't getting to the scouts on my side before Vader is. Not when Vader is much faster. The most he'll do is take control of the scouts on your end. Where then Vader can TK or blitz them when he gets to that point. Vader wont take long to kill the scouts. He can one shot them many ways. It will take Flash some time to take control of the scouts though. Not much granted but enough to slow him down a little.

I don't think Matt would consider a tiny bird flying 100's of feet above him a threat. Considering there's nothing special about it he could tell other than it's green. No one here would ever suspect something like that since no one knows who BB is. Even if Bucky shoots in the air BB has added speed and reaction time. He's not getting hit from a bullet he will see coming.

2. Vader has superhuman senses too via the force. He can sense Matt nearby and go deal with him if need be. Since he is faster than Matt it shouldn't take long to catch up to him or atleast get within eye shot. TK assault and done before Matt or Flash can react. Vader only needs a split second to kill DD and Venom wont stand that much of a chance either. Dismemberment via ripping Eugene from the symbiote with his TK. Slicing him through multiple times which should kill Eugene inside. Or if slicing him doesn't work then sending him flying effortlessly like he did to X-Wings would do. Force Choke isn't the only thing he could do but if he needs to close the distance to do so then that would be no problem at all.

Tear Gas and such shouldn't do much to Hellboy. He has had his fair share of exposure to status altering chemicals and magic just to shrug most of it off. He has managed to shrug off the paralysis inducing saliva of Frogmen on multiple occasions while fighting them. Gar will probably be affected at first but he can either fly away to recuperate or turn into an animal to filter out the chemicals. Vader can filter out the chemicals with his lung system. Or send the grenades right back.

If you blow the claymores then all you will be killing is the scouts. Vader can shield himself from the blast granted he even advances with the scouts, which being the briliiant military strategist he is would be very stupid on his part. Bucky wont snipe someone with sub light reflexes and supersonic travel speed. That coupled with precog will keep Vader from getting sniped. All he will really get is one shot off before Vader crushes him with TK or slashes him in half with one swing. Mjolnir armor is tough, but Vader could bypass all that and crush his organs from the inside. Or just fling him across the sky like he would do to Venom. Bucky wont get time to use an EMP when faced with someone as fast as Vader. He shoots at him once, Vader dodges, then he TK's before he gets another shot off. Doesn't the EMP have to be deployed in close range for it to be effective? I'm asking cuz I don't know much about how Bucky uses it.

3. If BB doesn't see them then Vader will sense them. One of them will go to confront either Venom or Matt or both will confront both. If BB fights Matt then he's going down soundly. Flash may beat Gar but Vader will be notified from the big green phoenix in the sky or whatever other giant animal he decides to turn into. I agree Venom vulking out will probably take down Gar if he's not in Phoenix form of pure fire but that will just be another heads up to Vader to go take care of him. Morals off BB going Phoenix isn't such a dismissable tactic I would say. But regardless, Beast Boy has had his fair share of going up against heavy hitters too. Superboy for one. If he transforms into an animal that completely trumps Flash In size, then he's not going down very easy.

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1. I never said he would do that. Flash will use his tendrils to control my side Scouts and turn them back against your Scouts, bringing the fight to your base, forcing Vader to take care of all of them, and not just his side Scouts. Flash doesn´t need much time to control them, just seconds. Also, Venom can engage him in a fight too if needed, while that whole mess happens, Daredevil will be safe using the laser painter for 1 solid minute.

Multi-Tendril attack:

- Using the tendrils while still disguised:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

- Venom multi-tagging the U-foes henchmen (all of them with superpowers)


Matt considers everything, my team is not made of stupid characters, they are in a fight with unknown enemies, so he should be prepared for everything that seems unusual, including a single green bird flying over the map alone. Bucky won´t start shooting it right away, but he will see it with the thermal vision and find it suspicious, after that Matt will use his powers and tell him that´s not an ordinary bird.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

2. Vader will be too busy dealing with 56 Scouts at the same time in a warzone, he can force choke them all with one strike, even with enhanced speed, that´s too many Scouts to deal with. Not to mention that Vader doesn´t go around force choking everyone like that, remember that the rules says "in character". In top of that you have a Morals Off Venom to fight against. Venom can take this oportunity and use the tendrils to compromise his armor/suit, since the Venom was able to do control machines and circuits before. I would like to see him try to slice the symbiote considering that others tried and was unsuccessfull, Venom have ways to fight using mid-long distance strikes, keeping Vader away.

Tear gas is only for distraction and momentarily distrubance, just to open an oportunity to any of my team members take a clean shot or hit and take your team down. I´m not using it as the ultimate weapon here.

The scouts will be long one by the time any of your team members attempt to get near my base, and the claymores are also for general distractiong and to show Bucky someone is coming. Once again, I never said Bucky would put a bullet on Vader´s head but use his firepower to disturb the enemy while he fight the Scouts and maybe Venom, that would be one more problem for him to deal with. I´ve also set Bucky to use stealth looking for better positioning, he can use the eletrical discharge from his arm to take Vader down, since he is susceptible to this kind of attack. But considering my strategy I hardly believe Vader will have time to reach my base and use the laser before my team do first, considering that I have 2 laser painters I have better chances to accomplish that mission.

Bucky marksmanship:

Shoots Madame Masque in her mask.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Manages to fire single explosive round into an assault rifle while the guy is running with a gun tucked under his arm.


Hawkeye fires 3 arrows at Bucky. Bucky manages to shoot them all in midair.


Eletrical discharge:


3. Even if he sense them he won´t have time or way to pursuit Daredevil. By the time he finish the scouts my team will have already painted your base and then you lose. Venom won´t let BB get close to Matt, and since he can use both stealth (camouflage abilities) and shapeshifting to take him by surprise, all he needs is a tendril inside BB´s body. Flash fought equally while in character against Rulk and Toxin who are class 100+ and 60-90 ton strength respectively, and more important, far more dangerous and capable then Beast Boy. Now imagine a morals off Venom. The only real threat here is Vader.

Venom shapeshifting:



Bucky Stealth:

Follows Wolverine for 3 days without Wolverine knowing. Continues to follow Wolverine for a month without Wolverine knowing.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

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This is looking Good

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1. Stupidity has nothing to do with it. Matt is very smart but he has no reason to consider a tiny bird from across a battlefield a threat to anyone. All he would see is a random bird in the sky. Not much anyone could ascertain from that. I doubt he could tell its a shape shifter from that far away. Every one of those scans was Matt figuring out an enemy from close range.

By the time Flash will have controlled what..28 scouts im guessing? The picture is kinda confusing. It says 56 threats but there's only 7 triangles.. anyway Vader will have amassed at most 28 scouts to march to your team. 28 scouts vs 28 and one sith lord that can wipe them all out with a wave of his hand? It shouldn't take very long. If he senses Flash(which he should) then a fight between them two break out. In that since its over very quickly. Tagging henchmen isn't very impressive honestly even with powers. None of them are as capable as Vader. How will Venom hold up if he's slashed through repeatedly by a superheated plasma saber capable of easily cutting through virtually any material in the galaxy?

If Flash gets to Vader then he leaves Matt to get handled by BB. That lasts all of two seconds before BB double teams Venom assuming Vader hasn't already disposed of him.

2. I never said Vader would force choke every single scout. I proposed TK assault or speedblitz. He sends them flying or he cuts them up before they can react. Or he can send his scouts to fight them as that's what theyre there for. Vader doesn't have to get close to him to fight. Any mid range attacks would be deflected. He can pick him up from a distance and crush Eugenes organs. Or forcibly rip the symbiote off. He could also just hold him suspended until BB comes along and bakes him alive.

It wouldn't distract anyone. Whatever you throw or shoot can be deflected or sent right back.

The Dark Lord stepped into the room, scanning it. There was something here...

The faint click of metallic weapons reached his ears. Faster than thought, Vader drew and ignited his lightsaber. In the same moment, small openings appeared in the walls and ceiling, and hidden blasters fired. Energy beams rained down on the Dark Lord and his soldiers. Stormtroopers cried out as blaster bolts shattered their white armor. At least a dozen bolts streaked toward Vader himself. Moving faster than the eye could follow, Vader's lightsaber blocked them all.

Taken from Clones.

Not if Vader is leading the march. How are they getting taken down? Sniped? I don't think Bucky can snipe 28 trained soldiers without any of them noticing. Especially if Vader is there to shield them. Vader is either fighting the scouts or Venom. Not both at the same time(not that he couldn't). If he's fighting the scouts then they go down quickly and if Venom is nearby to try and distract then he goes for him and leaves the scouts . If he's fighting Venom then Flash is practically helpless. Bucky isn't getting anywhere near Vader to set off an electrical charge. Not only that but electrical attacks being super effective against Vader is a big misconception. Him being affected by lightning from the most powerful Sith Lord alive at the time is not a lowball electrical feat by any means. Him being part machine has little to do with it.

3037825-vader elec.jpg
3037832-vader elec 2.jpg

As you can see, electricity does not equate to a powerless Vader.

3037849-venom vs rulk.jpg

3. Um..Vader will have more than enough time to pursue Matt. If not him then BB certainly will. It wont take but a few seconds for Vader to kill anyone in this scenario. Either Venom tries to distract Vader only to be blitzed and killed any number of ways while Vader's scouts handle yours. Wherein BB can mop up Matt if Vader doesn't want to. Or Vader kills all your scouts himself, goes to fight Venom anyway and kills Matt whom he is protecting. Take your pick. If I remember correctly from the Rulk fight, Venom wasn't on equal ground. Rulk wasn't being physically hurt. The symbiote was just trying to control of him. Unless you're referring to a different fight. Venom being on equal ground to Red Hulk frankly is pretty ridiculous unless he was Vulked out.

3037867-beast boy strength.jpg

BB on the other hand has physically handled 100+ tonners before. His animal transformations are a lot more powerful than regular animals that's another big misconception. If they weren't then Match wouldn't be held down by a T-Rex being forced to resort to freeze breath to break free. And that's just a regular sized T-Rex. Flash wont be easily killing a morals off Beast Boy.

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1. He doesn´t even have to consider, BB will appear on his radar, all Matt needs to do is inform Bucky, who possess Thermal vision to distinguish any discrepancy. Those scans shows Matt being able to see through disguised enemies eitheir in front, behind or above him, nothing scapes his radar, even a small bird.

The picture show 7 teams of 4 Scouts each, 28 on both sides, 56 total. Also, it´s not 28 x 28, considering this is a warzone, all 56 are potencial threats, so Vader will have to deal with all 56 scouts since Venom will be there controlling the first 28 against your side. I have no doubt Vader can take all of them out but how long would it take? After taking out the scouts he will have to fight Venom (you also said that), so meanwhile Daredevil will have achieved the 200 ft limit to use the second laser painter, and he only needs 1 minute to accomplish the mission. Still considering that Venom will be disguised which turns everything even more difficult for your team. I highly doubt that Vader can finish him in less then 1 minute.

Venom tagging those superhuman henchmen aren´t feats for a fight against Vader but for the Scouts, I never said he would defeat him because of that.

So Venom will stand still waiting for the lightsaber? I don´t think so. Venom can use his tendrils against Vader fight at long distance, and he just need one tendril to compromise his suit since the symbiote can and have controlled hardware and circuits before, he can compromise Vader´s function and put him down. He can also fight both Vader and BB at the same time, we´re talking about a morals off Venom who can vulk-out turning himself much faster, stronger and durable. Also, Bucky is positioned on the base with his sniper, which possess: guess what? a scope! So any sudden shapeshifting from Beast Boy and he is a dead meat! Note that the Winter Soldier possess the perk which grants bullets that cancels healing factors for this fight.

- If needed Venom can speedblitz too:


- Venom controlling machine hardware/eletronic circuits:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

2. The Scouts aren´t there to fight for Vader, or are you suggesting he will mind control all of them? The Scouts will attack anything at sight so you have to deal with them, using speedblitz or TK that takes time, enough time for my team accomplish the mission.

I doubt Vader will have time or oportunity to do any of those things. Venom is using his shapeshifting abilities here, and since Vader is not expectating such tactic, he won´t be looking for Venom at this specific way. Flash has a good shot a taking him off guard while he is busy with the Scouts and use his tendrils against him while still disguised.

I never said Bucky will shoot 28 soldiers, I said he can cover his team in the way back if needed, he is there to cover his team and protect the base from intruders. If Vader will shield the Scouts then he will waste even more time which is good for my team. How could not Vader fight both of them since Venom is there to control the Scouts, and the Scouts are there since the very beginning to fight anyone who may stand there way. Such option doesn´t exist, Venom won´t let any already controlled Scout, he doesn´t need to be in touch to control them, he only needs to share a portion of the symbiote.

I call the EMP and eletrical discharge possibility considering any attempt of Vader to get near my base, considering you´ve set him to do it (use the laser). And I don´t see that in your scan, he was affected by the scan, he felted it, at least that´s what I get from the "YAAAAAHHHG!" . Bucky´s eletrical discharge doesn´t need to be the ultimate weapon to defeat him but a combination of strikes to take him down. The EMP should work just fine considering that a high advanced suit such as the Iron Man needed to shut down to not be affected.


3. I don´t think that Vader can take those Scouts that easily, not considering them Armed with steel hard Vests, Bolters, 5 ton strength, super durability like Captain America, as well 100 years of combat experience. Remember that I just need a solid 1 minute to paint your base. Vader still have to deal with a Morals OFF Venom, who starts using shapeshifting. Bucky is there to put a bullet that cancels healing factor inside Beast Boy green body, it´s should be very easy for him to tag a huge whatever animal he manage to transform into. Even then, Matt possess enough agility and reflexes to hold his own against BB after painting your base.

It was not just Rulk, It was VENOM Vs RULK and the formation of the team of Four! Without Vulking-out!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

Okay so both have dealt with 100+ tonners before. So what? His transformations being more powerfull then regular animals or not doesn´t prove he can defeat the goddamm morals off Venom. If BB tries to touch him he will be giving the victory for Flash since he can use the tendrils against you. He can either fight close combat or distance, there´s no scape or anything he can do against him. Take a look at Rulk having a hard time getting rid of the symbiote bonding, it´s not that easy.

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@higorm: I'll come back to this when I have time to sit down and read it :D

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#23 Posted by HigorM (8115 posts) - - Show Bio

@strider92: yes Sir! I´ll impatiently wait for your vote! :D

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#24 Posted by Stompa (1495 posts) - - Show Bio

@higorm: Thanks for notifying me but i have to say i give it to @juiceboks . I think his good arguments for Vader makes it too much for your team to handle but good debate.

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I'll make sure to vote in the next 16 hrs.

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#26 Posted by The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk (15741 posts) - - Show Bio

Giving my vote to HigorM

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I read this over twice to clear a few things based on what each of you put forward for your characters and based on that (which is what I am supposed to do right? Not based on what I know of the characters myself.) With that in mind, I go with @higorm since his plan had less variables according to his team's abilities and a convincing take out plan against the other team. Clearly a well-balanced argument from both users though making this a great read, both times.


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@Higorm I don't why CV didn't tell me you replied till now..ah well whatever.

3-1 as it stands

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@juiceboks: @higorm: hmm...this was close but I will give it to HigorM.

1- juiceboks main argument was with Vader.What did Hellboy do in this fight? Beastboy was only brought up in 2 sentences while Higor expressed more with his team of 3.

2- Higor replied to the scan that Vader was still effected by electricity net and the EMP did shut down Stark tech. Vader is part cyborg anyways. Also, HigorM had a two way explanation for Vader. They might not of all worked, but it was an effort.

Though I believe the EMP would work, it would be close IMO cuz I dont know what Hellboy did in this fight.

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Great job by juiceboks, he has some killer Vader arguments. However, i would have to side with @higorm on this one. I thought he did a more thorough job when going over his points.

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higorm wins but nice debate

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Juiceboks could have pulled it out if he'd used Hellboy really at all, but as it is I have to give the edge to HigorM.

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I say Juice

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I would give it to higor M.

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#38 Posted by Mr_Ingenuity (11546 posts) - - Show Bio

So Close.

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damn looks like I missed the vote but I would have sided with Higorm anyway. I highly doubt that Vader can control so many people with the Jedi Mind Trick. Also I have only seen the Jedi Mind Trick work through conversation. even if it only took 60 seconds to walk over to a scout, talk to him, and change his mind, Vader wouldnt have had very many before the other team started laying into him. Unless I saw some kind of direct feat to overturn this. i.e. a demonstration of Vader controlling a large group of people in a short amount time, I find Juicebox's plan flawed and dont see how he could recover

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@ritchieb That one instance of mind control was by Obi Wan in Episode 4 and isn't the only form of the technique.Vader and Sidious both use their own form of mind alteration via instilling fear into their subordinates to make them follow their orders without question. If it was challenged then I would have provided evidence from the EU supporting that claim.

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unless I read that wrong, the scouts start out neutral. absolute fear is something that is happens over time. once again Unless I am totally misunderstanding this the scouts would initially be hostile towards both teams and I doubt that these scouts are going to instantly fear Vader just by looking at them. maybe he could scare one or two of them into listening but anymore than that is highly unlikely. Vader is not the only scary character on the battlefield and if these scouts are disciplined they would not allow that fear to take over very quickly. you cant compare a storm trooper that has probably seen Vader choke out 5 dozen people to a trained solider that just sees him on the battlefield.

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@ritchieb Physical appearance is not what the fear Sidious and Vader impose is based solely off of. It's also a mind game hence the Jedi Mind Trick reference I made. It combines the domineering aura with telepathically assaulting the mind. I didn't expect 28 soldiers to follow him. I just stated an insignificant number to reinforce my point that it doesn't matter how many scouts are following his command, the enemy scouts still wont pose a threat