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@MKF30: Well, they stopped fighting, but it seems to be the case the Phoenix had the advantage. 
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Galactus was never killed.  
Galactus was only turned into a star that would burn for al eternity.


Galactus stomps.
Try again.

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Galactus is immortal and can therefore only be killed in the short run. 
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Phoenix should wins here

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guys to point things out. phoenix and galactus are both very powerful.. just phoenix has a sreonger power source. they both have ptant to be able to destroy the universe. and to note the goblin force . the goblin force is equel to the power of a universephoenix force the reason she beated pf is aparently a surprise attack and it should also be noted that t only absorbed the pf it didnt kill it while it killeed glactus and again it was also a surpirse attack. the gf before it being imprsoned b the celestials seemed to have little fightin stratagy and seemed to rely on surpirse attacks.ok now to contunue wihth pf vs galactus . i can note that the phoenix did fight whithout a host against galactus. it was one of the two times that were mentioned. note that in that reality it takes place when the phoenix took jeans place and became the dark phoenix.it should be noted that it gave itself a human body and it limited its powers cause it took jeans memories and replaced its own with it. so when her power resurfaced during certain oints she coulnd tap into her full power nor completly control it until later when the body was destroyed. actualy it still wasnt at full power cause phoenix force at full power =white phoenix . also i would like to so phoenix as galactus powers theysll be coming from marvel wiki and wikipedia as well as comic vine


marvel wiki

Galactus possesses the immeasurable Power Cosmic and is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He has even been referred to as "the most powerful creature in the universe." As such, Galactus is able to employ the limitless cosmic energy within him to produce virtually any effect he desires. A few of the abilities he has displayed are:

  • Godlike Strength: Galactus possesses an astronomical amount of super strength.
  • Godlike Stamina: Galactus can partake in physical streneous action, like battles, for an undefined period of time.
  • Godlike Speed: Despite his size, Galactus can move at speeds that greatly surpass the speed of light.
  • Invulnerability: Galactus is immune to all diseases, ailments, and toxins, and, he is nearly impenetrable towards almost every force (however he became a zombie in Marvel Zombies).
  • Levitation: Galactus can traverse or glide through the air using sheer will.
  • Size-Alteration: Galactus can manipulate his size, density, mass and ratio at will, allowing him to reshape his body to any physique type he wishes.
  • Molecular Restructuring: Galactus can manipulate, reshape and rearrange the molecular complexions of any organism, allowing him to rebuild or redesign things internally.
  • Matter Transmutation: Being a cosmic being, Galactus can control matter in any object which allows him to turn something tangible like lead, into something intangible like water.
  • Cosmic Teleportation: Galactus can make himself, other people, and obejcts appear anywhere in the entire universe that he wishes with a mere thought.
  • Cosmic Force-Fields: Galactus can erect near-impenetrable energy shields.
  • Cosmic Energy Projection: Galactus can project extremely powerful energy emissions with incalculable force.
  • Interdimensional & Intradimensional Portals: He can create wormholes between dimensions and within dimensions.
  • Cosmic Telepathy: Ability to read or communicate with other minds across universal distances.
  • Cosmic Telekinesis: Ability to move virtually unlimited amounts of mass through mental concentration.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Galactus can sense disturbances or changes within the cosmic ether on a universal scale.
  • Resurrection: He can raise the dead. This ability also allows him to raise himself from death.
  • Creation: Galaxtus can create complex, sentient, biological life-forms from nothing.
  • Soul Manipulation: Galactus can manipulate the souls of living beings.
  • Recreation: Being a cosmic being, Galactus can create an entire Solar System, including populations, the planets, etc. in every detail.
  • Power Bestowal: Galactus' heralds, whom he has endowed with a minuscule fraction of his cosmic power, are able to manipulate matter and energy in ways that are far beyond human comprehension.
  • Vitakinesis: Galactus is able to heal himself and others from all physical wounds although this may simply be molecular reconstruction.


s was created during the union between the "Sentience of the [previous] Universe" and Galan of Taa, and a herald with heightened perception of reality described him as "the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos."Galactus considers himself a higher being than all non-abstracts, maintaining his existence by devouring planets that have the potential for supporting life. This has resulted in the elimination of entire extraterrestrial civilizations on numerous worlds.

Galactus wields the Power Cosmic and can employ it to produce nearly any effect he desires, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects — even an entire galaxy — acrossspace or time, size-alteration, the projection of energy with indeterminable destructive force, the erection of nearly impenetrable force fields, the creation of interdimensional and intra-dimensional portals, telepathy,telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and a form of cosmic awareness. Galactus is also capable of creating sentient life,resurrecting the dead, manipulating mortal souls, memories, and emotions, and restoring dead planets and populations in every detail.

Although not an abstract, non-corporeal being, Galactus is a living force of nature set to correct the imbalances between the conceptual entities Eternity and Death, and as such his true form cannot be perceived by most beings; each species perceives Galactus in a form they can associate with or comprehend, either in a form similar to that of their own race or as a deity of their own religion. Galactus has also appeared as a humanoid star when addressing fellow members of the cosmic hierarchy.

As Galactus must continuously feed to sustain himself, his power levels are inconsistent throughout any given period; the character must wear armor to help regulate his internal energies. Due to this inherent hunger, Earth's heroes have been able to achieve various degrees of success in repelling or defeating a weakened Galactus. In this state Galactus has shown susceptibility to the Images of Ikonnspell, which forces him to recall all of the beings he has destroyed as a result of his feeding.

The first and oldest living entity in the universe, Galactus employs advanced science capable of creating the Ultimate Nullifier, an object of tremendous power capable of destroying and remaking the multiverse, and the immense ship Taa II. Reed Richards speculated that Taa II — the Möbius strip-shaped, solar system-sized home of Galactus — could be the greatest source of energy in the universe.

Galactus retains the Punisher cyborgs in his service, and has appointed a number of beings to act as his Herald, with each bestowed a small fraction of thePower Cosmic.

comic vine

Galactus is empowered by the virtually limitless power of thePower Cosmic. As such, Galactus manifests a range of powers and abilities depending on his need and desire. Galactus also possesses technology that works with his biology, which is of a degree of complexity that even the greatest minds may not be capable of understanding. However, Galactus is not omnipotent. When Galactus tried to assault the mighty Beyonder, Galactus was repelled like a bug. The true form of Galactus is not known. He is perceived as the species of whoever is looking at him. To a human, he appears human. To an alien, he would appear the same as them. Galactus's true form is a golden glowing humanoid body of energy with energy surrounding him, he wears his armored suit to sustain his immense power.

The power cosmic allows him to manipulate creation, matter, energy, and universal sources. Galactus can erect nearly impenetrable fields, project devastating energies powerful enough to blow up planets and split them apart, shoot lasers or give off radiation, open wormholes or portals to other dimensions and time, transport beings across the universe and again even time, teleport, read minds across the universe, levitate matter via telekinesis, reconstruct matter or transmute it like turning water into ice, turn matter into energy or vise versa, manipulate elements and elements of the Periodic Table, blast meteors or comets, erase memories through manipulating souls, bestow power, repair or heal living tissue, or even resurrect the dead.

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The jobber loses.

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phoenix force

marvel wiki

nd AbilitiesEdit


Future Life-Force Tap: The Phoenix Force can tap into the energy provided by life-force reserved for future generations, thus denying them existence. The Phoenix Force possesses limitless cosmic energy. With or without a host, it is one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe.

  • Concussive Force Blasts: It can wield this energy to project beams of immense concussive force.
  • Quantum Singularity: It can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole. It then reforms itself upon reaching its destination.
  • Energy Absorption: It can directly absorb any type of energy such as Cyclops' ruby-red-colored optic blasts or the entire energy of a star,sun, or even a whole galaxy.
  • Force of Life: The Phoenix Force can control and manipulate life and death itself.
  • Psionic Nexus: As it is the nexus of all psionic energy, it has vastly strong and powerful mental abilities, including telepathy, empathy,and telekinesis, and often seeks out hosts who have psionic abilities. When bonded with a host, the Phoenix Force vastly strengthens and amplifies all of their superhuman mutant powers and abilities to immeasurable and innumerable power levels.
  • Matter Transmutation: It can manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level (e.g., turning wood to gold, stone to crystal, etc).
  • Cosmic Teleportation: It can teleport others across vast distances such as another planet or galaxy, and the vast vacuum of space itself.
  • Desintegration Waves: It can consume and remove a near infinite molecules per second.
  • Resurrection Force.

Its immeasurable cosmic powers and abilities appear to be at their strongest and most powerful when bonded to Jean Grey (possessing the incredibly strong and powerful powers of telepathic, empathic, and telekinetic godhood, complete control and manipulation over the realms of matter, energy, and thought), as the two have a strange, profound connection to each other (Jean is the closest thing the Force has to physical form).

  • Like Jean Grey-Summers, the Phoenix used telepathy and telekinesis, but at a much, much ,much near-infinite higher power level. She was able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and fly at supersonic speeds. Using the Phoenix Force, she could travel through hyperspace and destroy Shi'ar battlecruisers with little effort.
  • wikipedia
  • The Phoenix Force has the ability to manipulate cosmic energies and to tap into the life-force reserved for future generations, thus denying them existence. It can wield this energy to project beams of immense destructive force. It can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole and then reform itself upon reaching its destination. It can directly absorb energy such as Cyclops' optic blasts or even the entire energy of a sun. It is also capable of absorbing the energy and life-force from a foe. As it is the nexus of all psionic energy, it has mental abilities of cosmic scope, including telepathy and telekinesis.

    The extent of the Phoenix Force's abilities has not been fully clarified. Jean Grey as The White Phoenix of the Crown was able to change the future of a universe by reaching back in time and pushing her husband Cyclops to move on with his life and held a universe in the palm of her hands.

    Another major display of the power of the Phoenix was during the Secret Wars II, when the omnipotent Beyonder wanted to destroy all life. Rachel Summers, who served as the avatar of the Phoenix Force at that time, sought out to kill the Beyonder. The Beyonder expressed both amazement and disappointment to Rachel, claiming that she denies herself her own glory when she can be so much more. With that, the Beyonder gave Rachel the full access to the power of the Phoenix as well as some of his own, Rachel was on par with Jean Grey when she became Phoenix. With such power, Rachel was able to absorb the consciousness of every sentient mortal being in the universe, and when expelling the sum total of the power back at the Beyonder, the input felt overwhelming even to his senses. However, she was still stated as considerably below his level, that destroying the universe would not kill him, and simply not be lower than amoeba compared to him.

    Often the Phoenix seeks out hosts who have strong inherent psionic abilities so they can withstand its power. When the Phoenix Force enters a host, a small fragment of its power is left behind when it leaves. Even a small fragment can be stronger than an inexperienced host using the Phoenix Force's powers; as seen by Rachel Summers, who had full access to the Force, but her opponent Necrom threw moons at her with only a fragmenThe Phoenix Force is a virtually omnipotent entity and is described as one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

comic vine

It can wield its energy in a variety of different ways including:

  • Fire it into an immensely powerful concussive force.
  • It can travel in time and space by collapsing its powers from the inside, much like a black hole, and reforms itself in its destination.
  • It can absorb many kinds of energy, from the life-force of an individual to an entire energy of a sun.
  • The Phoenix Force has the power over life and death itself and can use it to resurrect itself or others.
  • Since it is the source of all psionic energy, it has vast telepathic and telekinetic powers and is always searching for a host that is strong enough to bear its power.
  • When the Phoenix Force does enter a host, it amplifies the basic abilities that host innately have, manipulate matter in sub-atomic levels, and can teleport others from various corners of the universe via wormholes.
  • When the Phoenix Force leaves its host, it leaves behind a small fraction of its power within the host.

Should the Phoenix Force be harmed, or possibly killed, it becomes an egg of cosmic power and incubates in the White Hot Room until it hatches out completely healed.t. When bonded with a host, the Phoenix Force amplifies their abilities to incalculable levels. It can manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level and transmute elements (e.g., turning wood to gold, stone to crystal, etc.). It can teleport others across space and can also open inter-dimensional portals to instantaneously access distant locales of the Universe. If an avatar of the Phoenix Force is harmed or killed, it will form an "egg" of cosmic power, incubate in the White Hot Room, and hatch out completely healed. Also, as one of the oldest cosmic beings the Phoenix Force possesses a high level of cosmic awareness and prescience.

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i couldnt find some images of galactus that i can use so i ask some ppl that have images of some of galactuses feats pls help and for phoenix here are some