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Both teams bloodlusted

Bfr allowed

Both team has two hours of prep

Battle is in knew York city

Oceanmaster21 team

Thor lady sif Scarlet spider


Thedarkdaredevil team

Superman Aquaman venom

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So, for a second I thought it was "Thor Lady" then "Sif" and Scarlet Spider... I was like "WTF O.o"

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Ok so this battle is going ti be Superman vs Thor Aquaman vs Lady Sif and Venom vs Scarlet Spider

Superman vs Thor- first i will tell you what he can do with the prep well for 2 hours he can sundip that means ( well you know for your self ) that his power will be 5x bigger so he will be faster stronger also when it comes to H2H battle Superman has nanosecond reaction and he can move so fast that looks like there is 10 Superman

Like here with flash

Also with his heat vision he can just blast you Spider or speedblitz him

And when it comes to pure strength Superman new 52 is alot stronger than the old one so i thing he can take Thor

Ok that was for Superman now for Aquaman

Lady Sif vs Aquaman- and in this one when it comes to H2H Aquaman is stronger because he is 400 toner and more and Sif can lift 30 tons and a normal asgardian can lift 25 tons lol so i know sif can use magic but so can Aquaman he is a skilled fighter and he possesses superhuman durability high enough to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths, this also makes him tough enough to be almost invulnerable to extreme heat and gun fire and can trade blows with powerhouses on Wonder Woman level and more and when it comes to prep he is a expert tactician has an advanced strategic sense and had natural leadership qualities, having led Atlantis and it's army multiple times.

and now for the spider vs Venom ( Flash) - here is some basic showing of his powers

Here is some durability he takes a full blade punch in the face but he just gets angry and owns

So i think the Spider is owned by Venom he cant do nothing to hurt him and Venom is more powerful in every way so your team has one gun and that's Thor but the others doesn't have a chance my team is faster and stronger.

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@thedarkdaredevil: yes iknow how powerful superman is especially when he is sundiped. But since this is no morals that means thor is in warriors madness which increases his powers dramitcly.Thor is no slouch as you see he harmed galactus.

thor is Reacting in mircro second


Thor is so strong that when he and Hercules arm wrestled they were so strong they collapsed a valley which ended up knocking the planent out of orbit because of the strength magnitude of thor and Hercules http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/109250/2339320-1658587-thorvs_super.jpg

and when someone made a thread of Hercules vs superman u voted Hercules well thor has beaten Hercules so wudnt he beat superman if he can beat a guy who u claimed can be superman.

Thor was bloodlusted before and was able to fight beta ray bill and silver surfer at the same time.

So granted yes superman is powerful especially with sundiped but dude thor is just as strong as superman and his hammer gives him an edge his hammer hits harder than superman fist anyday and since its two hours prep thor will know superman weakness he can use his hammer to teleport superman to some kryptonite or in battle thor can knock superman on the ground and just lay the hammer on superman chest then he cant move the thor can just pound superman to death. Alright that's enough thor for now.

Lady sif now u claim aquaman can beat her bc hes leader of atlantis and hes fought people like wonderwoman and he is stronger ok yes he is. that is all very impressive but lady sif as actually saved odin life from thanos who is more powerful than aquaman or superman lady sif has incredible endurance she has been fighting for hundreds of years with prep she can use her magic to increase her strength to be on par with aquaman or a lil above. Not only that all her weapons are magic based and just imagine aquaman had his hand cut off by black manta. in an h2h fight if aquaman can have his hand cut off by a spear made my black manta who is just a mear human in a suit imagine what lady sif can do to him who is a lot stronger and has magical weapons I don't think aquaman can handle her sword.

Scarlet spiderman can beat venom and will why spiderman beats venom all the time its one of his villians. Spiderman already knows venom weaknesses its just spiderman is a good guy so he gives his enemey a chance scarlet spider has no morals and hes gonna use venom weakness to kill him very quickly and since he has two hours of prep he can esily start a fire or make a lot of noise to break the simbiate.

yea u say venom is stronger ands he might be but. Scarlet spider is no weakling.

couldn't hold back Kaine's 1:

Pulls down half a building with ease:

hes strong enough he bulled entire street and broke the sewers

he even beats down rhino with brute force and all, his strength

kaine roflstomps spidercide with ease:

scarlet spider fought venom and carnage by himself at the sametime and kasidy atmits that kaine who is scarlet spider he e admitted he hurt him pretty bad so u say venom is stronger maybe but he cant be to strong is scarlet spider took him and carnage on and carnage is a 75 to 80 tonner and scarlet took him on like it was nothing so.

so in the end my team wins why bc scarlet already knows venom and his weakness which gives him a edge.

Thor is just as powerful as superman and his warriors madness state gives him an edge as well.

and lady sif is more experienced in h2h combat as well as weaponary so in the end my team wins out of just pure fighting knowledge and skill.

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This is New 52 Superman he is more powerful than the oldone and the old Superman was on a pair with Thor but this one is just stronger faster ... etc and plus he is sundip so he will not stop and have a talk and he won't hold back because he is bloodlusted also he has heatvision so that can help him with Thor for some time and plus he can speedblitz and when it comes to punching he can take full power blow's from Helspont like it was nothing but he was not sundip he was at normal power levels and how does Thor know about the kryptonite??

How much powerful is her magic? and you forget Aquaman's weapons and magic he can take her she can lift 30 tons and she has normal durability as a asgardian so he can cut her to with the Trident the Trident is indestructible and can hurt binges like Darkside and can break magical barrier and i don't see how she can take him that easy.

What version are you using Scarlet Spider or Kaine ? by the way Venom is faster stronger and he owned Scarlet Spider before he can not be hurt by guns or bones and when he is angry he can turn in the full powerful Venom that will destroy him and Kaine never had an experience with Venom so to know his wackness.

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@thedarkdaredevil: im using kaine who was strong enought to fight venom carnage so hes got this.

Lady sif is very powerful she has even been daimed worthy by odin and is considered tjor equal next to beta ray bill and once lady sif tjor and warriors 3 along with balder got stuck on odenheim home of the frost giants and they battled the frost gianys 6 months straight thats durabilty i dont think aquaman has it and aquaman has been hurt by guns and his arm waa cut off by black manta whos only 5 tons so imagine whT sif and her magic weapkns can do and sif deals with loki all the time aquaman magic nothing on that level.

thor has magic to which hurts superman and the superman u choose was taking out by oceanmaster lightning which was little magic so imagine what thor lightning will do to him.

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I can't debate i'm not home for 10 days so yeah we can start voting

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This is looking good