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We have the apes from 2011 from Rise of the planet of the ape.

Apes: Have spears, knives, and for gorillas sludge hammers. There are 3,000 apes. 2,000 Gorillas, 500 Orangutangs, and 500 chimpanzees. The Chimps get to ride on horses. The leader is Ceaser, and the apes are more advance now. They know how to talk walk and are skilled in making weapons.

Na'vi: Can not use there alien animals. They can use there spears, and arrows. There leader is Jake. There are 3,000 Na'vi. There are 500 archers btw.

Enviroment: It's an abondonded city that has weeds and trees growing in it. It is a mixture of a city and a jungle. with underground passage ways.

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This would probably be a drawn out battle but in the end I give it to the Na'vi. With their size and strength they should be able to take out a large number of apes per na'vi. In addition to this the archers are going to be a lot more precise shooting than anything on the apes side. Also the na'vi are very fast and agile in spite of their size.

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@CountofMC: But wouldn't the Apes have a slight advantage with the enviroment cause they are used to it plus the trees make it better.

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This looks familiar.

The Na'vi take it.

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Dang everybody withthe Na'vi

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The Na'vi have natural occurring carbon fibers throughout their body making it very durable. Tsu'tey, the tribal leader, was shot and fell from a warship thousands of feet in the air and survived the fall (extended version of the film). He only died because of the gun shot wounds, not the fall. They are much larger and stronger than humans. They also use arrows dipped in a neurotoxin that can kill a person in under a minute. The Na'vi stomp this battle.

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Gorillas can just rip the Nav 'is a new butt hole.