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An upcoming multiuniversal sports camp is taking place and you must make a team to compete in a series of sports events.

Sports include, American Football, Football (Soccer), Volley Ball, Mens & Womens Doubles Tennis, Basketball, Water Polo, Baseball and Dodgeball.


Each Team must consist of 15 Athletes and 3 must be female.

Each Team can have a coach that doesn't need to be included in the 10 Athletes and each team has been given a Martian Manhunter for strictly Telepathic communications. The Coach only has knowledge of characters from the universe his team consists of and has one night.

Each Team member must compete in at least 3 events and should have at least the minimum amount of players on the field. American Football 11, Football 11, Volley Ball 6, Doubles Tennis 2, Basketball 10, Water Polo 7, Baseball 9 and Dodge Ball 6.

Each team member can only compete in 6 events

Power Restrictions include: No use of magic, No technology, Strictly physical powers only (eg no phase shifting, invisibility, lasers, electricty etc) No telepathy or mind things, You can choose any fast person but they cannot move faster than the speed of sound, No Weapons, Strong Characters can be picked but they cannot use more than Class 100 strength, No BFR, no destruction of land or property, no elemental manipulation or creation and strictly no killing.

Characters Can transform, EG turning into a werewolf, super saiyan transformation, colossus turning metal.

Each Team can only have 1 character despite different incarnations eg your team cannot be made out of 10 Supermen.

Each Team can consist of as many different universes. For Example, 3 from marvel, 3 from OnePiece verse etc.

Each Character must be current or their last incarnation.

You must beat the reigning Champions and create the most balance and athletic team.

The Reigning Champions.

Coach: Batman

52 Superman (American Football,Tennis, Dodgeball & Baseball)

Hulk (AF, Dodge Ball, Volley Ball, Basket ball & Baseball)

Mystic Gohan (Soccer, Water Polo, Dodge Ball, Basketball)



Thor ( AF, Baseball, Water Polo, Basketball)

Ms Marvel (Volley Ball, AF, Basketball, Water Polo, Dodgeball)

Namor (Baseball, WaterPolo)

52 Aquaman ( Water Polo)

Wonder Woman (AF,

Pre 52 Wally (Soccer *Goalie, Tennis, Baseball, Dodgeball)

Sanji (Soccer, Baseball, Dodgeball)

52 Cheetah

52 Flash (Soccer, Baseball, Dodgeball)


American Football - Superman,Hulk, Mystic Gohan, Goku, Sentry, Thor, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wally West, Namor, 52 Flash, Ichigo.

Football - Superman, Mystic Gohan, Goku, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wally West [Goalie], Sanji, Cheetah, Flash, Ichigo.

Volley Ball - Superman, Hulk, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Wally

Doubles Tennis - Superman & Wally - Ms Marvel & Wonderwoman

Basket Ball - Superman, Hulk, Mystic Gohan, Goku, Sentry, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wally West, Namor, Aquaman.

Water Polo - Namor, Aquaman, 52 Flash (Goalie), Ms Marvel, Gohan, Goku.

Base Ball - Superman, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman, Sentry, Flash, Ichigo

Dodge Ball - Wally West, Sanji, Cheetah, Flash, Gohan, Aquaman.

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@soaringturkeys: you've obviously put some effort into this but it is a tad confusing especially since you have Flash, WW and Supes who all move faster then light but your restrictions say no one faster then the speed of sound