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Alright, can't upload photos, but I'll just give the battle details.

In both rounds, the battle takes place in an abandoned school, there are two floors, and the school is quite big. The night is dark and their, obviously, is no power in the school.

Merlyn has a quiver full of arrows. (Fifty). Each of them are light-weight but custom made titanium arrows. He also has two daggers for close range fighting.

Onomatopoeia has dual pistols with six rounds each, as well as one military-grade knife.

ROUND ONE: Each member of the fight begins on opposite sides of the school. Blood-lust is on. No morals whatsoever.

ROUND TWO: Each have one day's prep, They, once again start on opposite sides of the school. Blood lust, no morals.

ROUND THREE: Each start in the school gymnasium, thirty feet away from eachother, head on.