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a fight i find interesting due to the skills of both competitors who do you think will win the man without fear and radar senses or the girl who can read and intuit body language as if it was a language she was fluent in?

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Matt Murdock.

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care to say why? keeping in mind cc knows everything hell do before he finishes the first motion of preparing for whatever that may be

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I'll say Daredevil, due to agility and reflexes, and skill. Granted, CC isn't short on any of those.

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Damn, too hard to decide...

But I'll go with CC here...

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Also this has been done.

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I'm going to say my boy Matt takes it.

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As much as I want to say Cassandra, I would say Murdoch. I think that his relianc on his senses (as he has no vision) would put him at an advantage in various types of battle i.e. darkness, loud places etc.

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Cass will take him.

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Been done. Cass takes him.