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The Masters of Evil, some of the strongest villains Marvel has to offer united with only one goal: destroying the Avengers. The Legion of Doom, a cartoon alliance so fierce that they were brought back into DC's regular universe (SSSV) as the bane of the JLA's existence. Today, these two groups clash head to head. Each match has been broken down below

Baron Zemo vs Lex Luthor

  • Outside LexCorp, 5:00 pm
  • Lex is armed with a laser pistol, and his Kryptonite ring
  • His armor is inside
  • Lex has two security guards at his side
  • Zemo has brought with him two assault rifles, a Vibranium sword & shield, and a basic handgun

Whirlwind vs Scarecrow

  • In a run-down toy factory, noon
  • All exits are boarded off
  • Scarecrow has his scythe and 12 canisters of fear gas
  • The remote for the fans is in Scarecrow's possession

Titania vsCheetah

  • On a rocky...mountainy...thing at 6:30 pm
  • Cheetah has done research on Titania
  • Cheetah's claws are enchanted
  • Titania has that hammer she used in Fear Itself (what's that called?)

Executioner vs Bizarro

  • A field, 4 pm
  • That's it, no need to tip the scale in either direction

Wonder Man vs Parasite

  • Metropolis town hall, 11:30 am
  • Wonder Man is only as powerful as he was during his membership on the Masters of Evil
  • Parasite can't take Wonder Man's powers
  • Parasite absorbed Power Girl's energy eight hours ago

Scorpion vs Copperhead

  • Yancy Street, 10:30 pm
  • Copperhead doesn't have the powers Neron gave him; just his original stuff
  • Scorpion's tail is unable to pierce Copperhead's suit

Tiger Shark vs Black Manta

  • Outside Atlantis, time irrelevant
  • Both fully armed
  • Tiger Shark has two hours prep time
  • Black Manta has two goons
  • Tiger Shark can call on an actaul Tiger Shark three times for one minute each time

Yellowjacket vs Queen Bee

  • Pym's lab, 1:45 pm
  • Queen Bee has been sprayed with bug killer
  • RITA DeMARA, not Hank Pym

So that's it for now, post your opinion down below as well as any comments and questions you might have. There's more to come.

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1. Baron - His suit was the only chance. Baron will beat down Lex before he gets in the building.

2.Whirlwind - even if scarecrow affects whirlwinf with the fear gas he wont get close enough to exploit it because whirlwind will go crazy and kill scrarecrow by accident.

3.Cheetah - faster and can cut titania with her claws. knows how to deal with super strong people. hammer is useless is she gets too close

4.Bizarro- not sure of his equipment but unless he has bullets that can pierce bizarro Man Ape isnt winning.

5.Wonder Man - Im not sure of how powerful parasite is physically but i doubt he is anywhere near WM. his only chance was to absorb him

6.Scorpion - physically superior in every way and just smart enough to do some damage to copperhead

7.??? - dont know, if CIS isnt involved TS can rip Black Manta apart if he gets close enough. im leaning towards Black Manta

8. yellow jacket- queen bee wouldnt be able to do much

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1. That's why I threw in the guards, to slow down Zemo

4. Well Man-Ape is Magic. so...Do you think Executioner is a better match for Bizarro? I have him somewhere else in my match-ups.

5. As far as physical strength goes, Parasite HAS gone toe to toe with his fair share of Kryptonians

8. What makes you say that?

Thanks for your input. And do you think these fights are even?

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1. Lex will be dead before the guards get to them.

4. Man-Apes powers come from magic.... doesnt mean he has any to use against Bizarro. He wouldnt need like 3 weeks of prep and a Bizarro bio to take him down.

5.but hasnt he only done that when he was absorbing a kryptonians energy. at a base level he isnt that great

8. gonna be honest was thinking of queen bee from the cartoon. which queen bee are you talking about because i dont know much about her..... doesnt she just control bees and people?

no problem... its what we are here for right? i see you did your best too. the bizarro, man-ape fight is a little iffy but other than tah you did the best you could as far as im concerned.

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@Hyperlight: I would check out the "major story arcs" on Queen Bee's article.

And btw if you want,you can follow me to see when my other battles are posted. :D