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Sooo after dusting off my Dreadstar comics and re reading them over the weekend. I was reminded of how much of a mystic badass the Lord High Papal is, and since he's so similar to Thanos ( one of the few Marvel baddies I like, along with Doctor Doom) I was wondering how they would fare in a no holds barred fight to the death.

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This would be Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet of course. If you don't know who Lord Papal is, I highly recommend reading the early issues of Dreadstar in the now defunct Epic comics

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@Lord_Ulric: feats and powers for lord high papal?

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He's the leader of the Universal Church of Instrumentality, which holds almost all of the known universe in thrall. His powers are mystic in nature and is considered the "sorcerer supreme" of that universe. He's climbed the mystic ladder if you will by defeating in combat all known wizards until he gained control of the Church. So in a power level, it would put him right up there with Darkseid ( he has an omega beam like stare that obliterates anything in it's path) I guess as a mystic, his powers are pretty much anything you can think of since in a fight with dreadstar, he threw everything at him from run of the mill mystic bolts, to an all consuming power globe that disintegrated everything in it's path. If all else fails, he is the leader of a vast armada which is bigger then the Kree/Skrull/Shiar combined.

It's hard to describe unless you actually read the comics, which I highly recommend since you can pick them up for cheap at any comic store.

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I just finished reading Dreadstar and I can safely say that Thanos stomps.

Lord High Papal is a Low High-Tier Character since his best feats are shaking the entire planet called ''Plorexus'' during his battle against Dreadstar and killing 8.452.789 Titaniums with just a look. He also ripped part of a mountain with TK and created a ball of energy that covered a great part of a planet.