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What is the biggest number of thugs these 'heroes' can beat?

Comic versions, Earth 616.

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Bleeding Edge Iron man can take on all the thugs, ALL of them. A weaker version of his armor tanked a nuke at 2% shielding. His Bleeding edge armor is quite simply beyond the capacity for thugs to harm him at all.

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Let's be honest: Bleeding Edge or Extremis could solo the entire criminal underworld. Literally.

I feel like Punisher comes last, only because he'll eventually run out of ammo and get overwhelmed. I'm assuming this is kind of an "endless waves" kinda deal.

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Punisher takes around 50 to 100 thugs in ten a wave increments barehanded. With ammunition, you can add a thug for every bullet he has, provided we're not talking bullets that can take out multiple targets.

Wolverine probably tops out at around a 1000 or so all at once. His healing factor allows him to exert himself for extended periods of time, but even his stamina has limits. I'd say he'd eventually get overwhelmed and taken down. Granted, they couldn't keep him dead, but they could keep hurting him before he could heal so severely he can't retaliate. Provided they maintain shifts. For all eternity.

Iron Man, however, when Tony gets tired of blasting thugs, he switches over to JARVIS autopilot and let's him finish it while Stark takes a nap. All the thugs go bye bye.

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Iron Man is a potential Planetary-busting character... Those underworld thugs would have no chance at all.

My guess, 1000000 of them easily.

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Iron Man could take entire criminal underworld with minimal effort, Wolverine could also take them all out, but it would be extremely hard for him and Punisher could probably take out 100 of them.