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I think That the Fist will end Rock Lee's life What does everyone else Think.?

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It depends on who is faster...If Kenshiro overpowers Rock with speed like he does his other opponents...Rock is dead.

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Is this an unfair match?

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Kenshiro all the way.

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kenshiro would easy kill rock lee  oh well his soul is my for the takeing. 

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Nelomaxwell said:
"Is this an unfair match?"

No, it's not. None of the Narato characters can beat Kenshiro.

Kenshiro has:
  • Juggernaut-Type endurence and strengh
  • QuickSilver-Type speed and reflexes
  • Thanos-Like Reaction Time
  • And his 100's of special moves which requires Chi Power.

Kakashi would probably be the only guy that can handle Kenshiro (Non-Physically) becuase of his Shiningan and trance eyes. So all the 100 moves Kenshiro does, Kakashi may be able to copy, but but just the moves... not the strength and endurance of Kenshiro.
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is this the old F.O.t.N.S or the new Kenshiro? well it doesn't really matter cause all Kenshiro needs is one hit and its over.....

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Kenshiro could take Rock Lee out with one attack
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Rock Lee was already dead when you typed  "Kenshiro"

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This is kinda pointless match. FOtNS is at a much higher level than Narutoverse. Rock's only chance is the gates, yet, that really won't help him much seeing how Kenshiro has better speed feats than open gated Lee.

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The 502 Kid said:
"Rock Lee was already dead when you typed  "Kenshiro""
Ha Ha Ha  !