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Random encounter takes place in NYC.
- Morals are on.
-No one is blood lusted.
-win by all conventional means.
-Who wins and why?

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JLA Animated Series and JLU 's startlight is batman already.. Dead end for Panther :D

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black panther in an epic animated armbar of doom... without the armbar I have to give it to batman

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Obvioulsy no one watched the Avengers cartoon.

When Batman takes on a frost demon by himself, an army of shadow demons, and takes on the Avengers all without prep come find me. He had some good exploding batarangs but he has nothing on BPS speed and combat skills.

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Batman never fought this good in any of the DCAU cartoons

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Panther! He was amazing in Avengers EMH

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JLU Batman was Batgod, Panther doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell. Batman will just glare him into submission, literally.

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Panther wins, I was never impressed with animated batman.

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Batman takes this

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Batman own all universe on JLU :D :D
Panther have some great moments :)
But Bats take this eventualy :D

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