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iron man regular suit vs green lantern hal jordan

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Ummm welcome to comicvine and this would be known as a spite battle due to the unfairness of the battle. GL wins

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@comicace3: Not if he adds prep time it isn't

Noob quickly give Iron-man large or medium amounts of prep time including Intel on green lantern to keep this match from getting locked!

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Ok I agree with the guy on the top. Male it fair and give him prep.

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No prep : GL stomps

With enough prep : current Stark could pull this off.

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Been done.

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Hal Jordan ftw

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Hal Jordan opens him like a can.

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Stark dies horribly even with prep.

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Which Green Lantern?

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@jeanroygrant said:

Which Green Lantern?

This is important

Also prep time is important for Stark(although he's a 100 tonner with flight, insane durability, and energy projection)

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Been done, Green Lantern stomps.

Honestly, it's sad to go around on the Internet and find out that a bunch of people actually think Iron Man could beat or even compete with Green Lantern (I'm not talking about Comic Vine, by the way).

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No preparation: GL rather easily.

With preparation: Stark stomps.

This really isn't a fair match with or without preparation.

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Green Lantern trashes Iron Man.

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what a way to welcome a noob to the vine :|

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real nice

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Lantern makes a can opener. The rest is just academic.