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Iron man is in his extemis armor Lex luthor is wearing his injustice gods among us armor and cyborg is from the new 52

Round one no prep time

Round 2 One day of pep time with limited info on each others tech

Round 3 One week of pep time

Fight takes place here in mid afternoon. They start 100 meters away from each other.

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Cyborg is limited with prep compared to Stark and Lex but New 52 Cyborg is stronger than ever and could take round 1. Other rounds go to Lex.

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Round1: Lex

Round2: Cyborg might upset both of them here.

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Round 1: Iron Man. Lex's suit can only affect Superman. 
Round 2: I'd like say Lex Luthor is smarter than Iron Man and would defeat him with prep. Cyborg is not in their league. 
Round 3: Lex Luthor.

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Iron man all rounds

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Cyborg 1 and 2 because he get teleport device. Lex Luthor 3. Because he could get Warsuit upgrades to take them both in one.