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Battle takes place in an arena, 1 hour prep for each team. Aquaman is pretty well hydrated but not at his maximum, Giant-Man is at 50 feet. Batman and Iron Man both have access to their regular gadgets and weapons but nothing else. Morals on, in character, win by death or KO. Who wins?

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Team 2

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Iron man Solos

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I like both Batman and Aquaman more, but i think Iron Man would prove to be too much.

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@Bo88gdan said:

Iron man Solos

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Iron man Solos

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iron man and giant man wins

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Team 1 in a stomp

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Yeah Iron man easily solos...batman goes down in 5 secs...okay lets be optimistic 7 secs...and then aqua man gets dehydrated by a repulsar blast...the end

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really? Ironman beats both of them by himself

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