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Hulk takes on the 3 deadly crazy Symbiotes.

Rules: Everyone's bloodlusted except Hulk. Banner is morals on.


Fight takes place in the middle of a populated New York.

This is Bruce Banner in control of The Hulk

No Thunder clap.


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I like how your name says something and your doing the complete opposite.

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Hmm this is actually a tough fight.

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not really, hulk does this with ease

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HUlk wins 

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I think Hulk could take Venom and Carnage without to much trouble, although I hear Toxin is very powerful and has multiple forums, so this is tough. I guess I go with Hulk because Venom and Carnage would only make him angry and more powerful to fight Toxin.

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@joshuagamer: I would think that Banner would be worried about protecting civillians, and with Toxin, Carnage, and Venom together. They'd might prove to be a problem =/.

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Hulk takes this, if Miss Marvel can pull Gargan out of the venom symbiot so can Hulk with all 3.

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Hulk stomps, spite.

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hulk wins easily.