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No prep.

Standard equipment and weaponry.

Setting: Gotham.

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Black Mask certainly.

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Black Mask wins, easily.

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Black Mask

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Harley easily.Not sure why BM is getting so much credit.
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Black Mask is like... a noncombatant. Harley should kill him with her pogostick.

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@_slim_ said:

Black Mask
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Harley stomps.

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@entropy_aegis: he is one of the best shots and has good combat training also the mask does give him some protection

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Considering Harley has far more combat feats than Black Mask, we know she is no slouch in the fight department.

Not really sure what Black Mask's standard equipment is but I don't remember anything other than the occasional pistol. Harley has overcome worse than that.

Harley wins in a random encounter.