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Marvels street level characters go up against the classic Hannah Barbara line-up.

Takes place in New York

Morals on.

No reality warping (I.E bugs bunny abilitys)

Chan clan

Atom ant (no weight pumping allowed)

Hill billy bears.

Bannana Splits.

Birdman and the Galaxy trio.


Dasterdly and mutley and there flying machines (entire flight crew including all four of his retarded piliots)

Blue Falcon and Dynomut.



Captain Planet.

Quick Draw (Elkabong allowed).

Secret Squirrel.

Space Ghost and Dino boy.





Iron Fist (no chi)

Moon Knight.

Black Cat.


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Hmm gonna have to go with hanna barbara. captain planet is a beast.

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Captain Planet Easy solo unless somebody on the marvel team is carrying toxic waste or an Aerosol spray can in their normal equipment

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Herculoids, Atom Ant, and Space Ghost are tough. I would have to go Hann-Barbara