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Doomsday watch Bane Breaks Batman's back and thought it was Cool.

DD ASKED Bane to teach him the art of BACK BREAKING, after that he breaks Bane's Back.

Amused by his new found move he test it in the roasters of the Justice League namely (Do not argue speed blitz, the scenario is DD caught the prey and he will attempt a back breaker):

  • Batman
  • Aquaman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern HAL
  • Matian Man Hunter
  • SUperman

If he clears, he can go to Marvel

  • Juggernaut
  • Sentry
  • Thanos

Can he clear the main objective and bonus round?


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MM isn't gonna die from back breaking. I don't even think he has a spine. But yeah DD clears DC side easy. Depending on the versions of jugs and sentry, it's possible

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Stops at Thanos

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Almost forgot MMH cannot phase

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Adapt on the fly Hunter Prey Doomsday?

He should clear fairly easily. If he doesn't possess the necessary strength, he soon will.

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Doomsday breaks all the sc characters backs. Superman would be the only one he would struggle breaking. The only marvel character's back he breaks is sentry's.

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Should stop at Juggernaut if he's classic or has no morals.

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He technically can't really break MMH back since he can just make him self malleable

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He bead all the dc characters effortlessly. Don't know if he could evolve jugs level of invonlrability but he could at least bfr jugs permanently. Max sentry would beat him but sentry on average would lose, so he is done at thanos

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He can't break Juggernaut or Thanos"s back.