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Okay viners--my next proposed bout. Place your bets, and make your decision known: who will win this fight--

Grimlock and the Dinobots......OR.......
Grimlock and the Dinobots......OR.......
.......Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
.......Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Conditions? Simple: Rogue's not present. Let's look at some stats:

-Grimlock packs in more strength--more than the Blob can handle, even at his heaviest. His powerful T-Rex jaws can snap virtually anything that comes between them, from steel cables to a Decepticon limb. He is almost invulnerable in his Tyrannosaurus Rex mode as shown with his battle with Megatron due to Megatron's primary weapon, his arm-mounted fusion cannon having little or no effect on Grimlock.

-Slag's flamethrower burns hotter than Pyro's at 3,000 degrees Celsius, up to 80 feet (25 m) 2 degrees to left. He possesses enormous strength and can shatter a brick building with a single blow from his armored head.

-Sludge, in dinosaur mode, can exert pressure up to 40,000 pounds per square inch with a single step, enough force to shatter a bridge or even crack a mountain. Only a handful of his comrades can match his immense strength and endurance. His armored hide can withstand all but the most powerful blasts. He’s adept at operating in watery and swampy environments and in jungles.

-Swoop has the ability to fly at 250 mph and is armed with air-to-air missile launchers under each wing.

-Snarl's large golden plates protruding from his spinal assembly are solar collectors. Although he can operate without sunlight, solar energy can increase his strength tenfold and his endurance to a virtually limitless degree. A swipe of his tail can shatter a 20-foot concrete cube. His heavily armored hide makes him resistant to most missile fire.

And of course, the most important tidbit of them all:

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Flagged. Thread creator clearly had a winner in mind when he made this thread. This battle does not follow battle forum rules.

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Aw, SCRAP!.....*Sigh* Fine.