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The king of monsters, Godzilla, versus Charles Barkley, NBA Superstar. Godzilla is pretty upset about their last encounter, and isn't screwing around this time- fight to the death. We're assuming Barkley is Godzilla sized, natch, and let's say his basketball can be used as a shield against Godzilla's bream breath. Fight is in a populated city, but there's no military or civilian intervention.

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Both have been retired but Godzilla is fiitin' to make a huge comeback. Retirement has not been kind to Sir Charles, Gonna give this unseemly battle to the big G.

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godzilla wasnt pissed , he got a pair of nikeys lol . do u know how hard it is to get a pair of nikeys that big . and he would destroy him lol . 

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Sir Charles good ol days are long gone.

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Charles Barkley would lose now
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Barkley is old and fat he isn't doing anything anymore. His time has come and gone.