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Some of evils greatest forces have joined forces to destroy the earth. Lucky for us these hardcore men have decided to join forces to save the day. They must fight through the enemy forces one round at a time Standard weapons for each character they get 1 day to recover from each fight and to prepare

Round 1 23 members of the enclave and colonel autumn. Armed with Laser weapons fight takes place in Canterbury Commons (from fallout 3)

Round 2 Venom has multiplied into five separate entities and is attacking a small town team has full Intel on target

Round 3 30 Covenants ( From halo) Takes place in a massive spaceship in other space

Round 4 Nemesis ( from resident evil) supported by 5 tanks

Round 5 Deathstroke has taken over Arkam asylum and has 4 days of prep time to gather the patients to do his bidding and to set traps team has to fight there way through the island and fight deathstroke.

Round 6 10 striders (from half life 2)

Round 7 Thanos with no gems and is also weakened team gets there most powerful weapons for the final boss fight

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@ninjas4321: In Round 2; are the multiple Venoms all classic Venom, or is he weakened from duplicating?...beacuse 5 Eddie Brocks could bet a lot of match-ups.

(supposing that they beat the venoms) I say they make it to Round 5, and lose in a great fight. Definitely will not beat Thanos.

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thinking 5 Venoms are ganna be way to hard for this team to stop imo.

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Round 2 should be higher up, though with intel and the marksman provided on such a team, I think they can take it either way (assuming his power is split between the 5 beings)

Round 7 is ridiculous. I think OP might be a bit misinformed on Thanos :P

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Side note: I really want this f*cking movie now.

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@nickzambuto said:

Side note: I really want this f*cking movie now.

Haha that was what I was about to say, I can only imagine the one-liners and over the top action.

I say that they get to round 7 and get roflstomped, round 5 and 6 would be tough fights though.