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Battle is on Earth(and entire Solar System)

Round One:Odin ,Zeus and Amateratsu all at full power vs Standard Galactus-No help from Thor,Hercules,Avengers and No Heralds

Round Two:Odin with Destroyer Armor,Zeus and Amateratsu, if they are about to lose then the rest of Earth's Skyfathers appear to help(Hindu,Egyptian and any other) vs Standard Galactus

Round Three:Same as above but Odin empowers the destroyer with every Asgardian soul,gets the Odinsword and Thor,BRB,Hercules and Silver Surfer(on earth's side) intervene.Just Zeus and Amateratsu this time.

Can Earth's skyfathers protect the planet?

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Galactus wins the first two rounds.

Skyfathers win in round 3.

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Galactus beats them the first time: Zeus, Odin, and Vishnu attacking at once didn't even phase a bog standard celestial, and the general consensus is that Galactus is on average above a celestial.  Then again, Odin did manage to attain a mutual K.O with Galactus, although he stayed down much longer than the big G.   
Round two: The Skyfathers have a chance if they all do what Odin did to K.O Galactus and put EVERYTHING behind one attack, but otherwise Galactus should dominate the fight.  Or the skyfathers could all empower the destroyer.  
Round three: Odin's best bet is to stuff everyone into the destroyer and attack Galactus head on, then they have a respectable chance.