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As Mel closed her eyes she knew what would come next. She was afraid, but she had to go on. She couldn't let him win. She opened her eyes and surveyed her dream. She was in a forest. Although she was surrounded by trees the world seemed lifeless. No sound or movement was present. As she looked closer she saw a man. She screamed and turned to run but then stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh won't you stay? I just love children! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Mel turned around slowly. "Who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Freddy! Welcome to my nightmare!"

"No. This isn't right... where is he?"


Mel turned white. She pointed. "Him."

"What?" Said Freddy as he whirled around brandishing his bladed hand. He was met with a tall dark man who lacked a face. the man wore a dark suit and seemed to grow larger and more threatening the longer he was seen. A thousand arms shot from the man's back and lifted him into the trees.

"He's the reason I'm afraid of the woods."

Freddy smirked. "Then he's under my control. He's just part of the dream!" He stabbed his arm into the creature and it howled in pain. It grabbed at Freddy with it's arms and tossed him into a tree like a ragdoll, the wound healing almost instantly.

"Now you've done it!" Mel bolted.

"So..." Said Freddy. "Another dream invader. This should be fun!"

"Fool." Hissed the tall creature as it grew to twenty feet.


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Slenderman is a force Of Nature, Only I can beat him. And Batman.

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Freddy wins easily.

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Nice opening and I think Slenderman would win since Freddy can't do anything unless Slendy sleeps and I don't think he does.

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@heroesgold: The battle is in Mel's dream. Slenderman can invade dreams and feed off fear just like Freddy. Hence, Freddy calling him a dream invader.

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@RogueShadow: And you can beat him how?

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Nice set up... Nice read!

Don't think Freddy could spit better than Enderman and Slenderman

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Awesome story! This would be a cool fight and a crossover would be pretty amazing, in terms of the fight I`m going with Slenderman due to the fact that Freddy won`t be able to really harm him as he is a dimensional being, Slenderman`s gaze alone should be able to put down Freddy.