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100% maximum dark energy Supersonic v.s Flash v.s End of GT Goku SSJ 4

this is a continuation of the thread that was locked by someone I don't actually know who obviously favors the flash beyond all others. I have taken out the other characters because they seemed not to even matter and I know everyone's just going to say the flash again but lets be open minded and hope someone actually reads and understands the points that I make concerning the competitors.

These are all different people from different universes


TIME TRAVEL ( In this event Flash has no beacon to return so if he goes into the past from running to fast he will be stuck Also if flash travels into the future he will be trapped in a freeze frame for 3 days and will be transported to where he was last in the race also have a restriction to his powers for 26 minutes)

(Supersonic must solve any problems in that time era such as missing chaos emeralds, defeat major bosses and also he looses 22.3 percent of his power for a maximum of 2 days)

Flight not needed

A foot race through snake way all the way down karin tower across the dragonball world back to karins tower and back down snake way.when they arrive at this Juncture they will be transported to mobius and have to run through every zone of sonic 2 and 3 without the game mechanics that restrict movements and Special stages after defeating metalix will be transported to Lex's base and will have to go through the whole of Metropolis all the way to Gotham city through oncoming traffic and to bat cave


Dragonball world:

Androids 16 and super 17

Land mines


Meteor showers


All sonic enemies except bosses with an exception to Metalix.

Spikes, springboards, moving platforms, lava and spinning blades

Dc Gotham city and Metropolis


Volcano eruptions

Icey streets causes by Dr freezes Ice cannon

Random traps set by the Joker

Random traps st by Lex luthur

May the best super hero win

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In the Events now it's more even as long as everyone actually reads and understands the conditions

Looks like the score is finally settled and Flash looses.

Super sonic is first and Goku is Second

looks like Restrictions on certain elements that obviously make things more fair means no one can comment on a balance tipped in one one characters favor