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The Macross attempts to fold space and instead experiences a malfunction. The Macross appears opposite the Executor about the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  
The Macross crew mistake the Executor for a Zentradi factory ship and are determined to destroy it.
Vader senses the danger and orders the Executor to engage the enemy. 
Who is victorious? 


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Has the power of the Reflex Canon ever been accurately gauged? I've heard people claim it can devastate planets if fired directly at them, though I've never seen it myself. It might have enough punch to take out the Executor if it gets the shot off. What about range? It looks to be pretty goo, but I think Stardestroyers can engage at thousands of kilometers. On the other hand, its defenses are complete rubbish. Even a few light turbolaser hits will probably cripple or destroy the thing, so they basically have to pray that they get the first shot, don't miss, and that it's good enough to destroy the thing, otherwise the return salvo will finish them off right quick.

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I think the SDF-1's crew would win. They are used to battling overwhelming odds.