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middle earth at the start of the fellowship's journey. Bombadil only allowed within the old forest. all of the armies within middle earth combined (Rohan, Gondor, Lothlorien, Southrons, Easterlings, Mordor, Rivendell, Dunlendings, saruman, mirkwood elves, the shire (all hobbits that fought in the war of the ring were regarded as surprisingly effective, so they aren't just destroyed in the first second) etc. etc.) along with various powerful creatures (balrog, any remaining dragons, Shelob, watcher in the water etc.)

airbender from the end of the war. the only issues i think middle earth faces are the earth benders (their fortifications are mostly made of rock) and possibly the fire nation airships, but i think a few of Gandalf's fireworks could sort them out (Hindenburg disaster...). ba sing se might be a problem for middle earth, but the oliphaunts might break through the wall. thoughts?

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If Earth Nation defends their capital, I dont think the whole of Middle earth can destroy that wall. Even in the series, the Fire Nation at its peak could not take Ba Sing Se. Combine that with Fire Nation Towers and They are deadly.

The Undead might be a problem though.

The Fire Nation airships can fly very high and avoid attacks from the ground. Maybe Eagles and Nazgul will be a problem if they fly higher than the airships. If they have prep, then they can prob defend the airships too. And this will result in the destruction of the entire middle earth. All forests will be burnt.

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@whydama said:

All forests will be burnt.

[loud yell]

There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this treachery.

Angry Walking trees take them down now :D

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How are they supposed to kill the undead?

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Angry trees will be burnt down

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@whydama said:


Angry trees will be burnt down

Come on. Don't be such a spoil sport :(

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The Nazgul eventually solo. Let's get one thing straight, the Nazgul are much more powerful than they're portrayed as in the movies. Nazgul can only been seen because their duties require that they have a physical presence. It is a burden they tolerate because Sauron commands it. They have no visible form, it's just clothes and armor put over their partially incorporeal bodies. At any time if they take all of that off, and drop their weapons, they become completely invisible.

Once they become invisible, they can just walk up to people and drain them with the Black Breath until they die. The people being attacked would have no clue what's going on. They would feel intense fear, pass out, and die, without ever being able to defend themselves. Even if someone somehow managed to kill one, they always come back unless the One Ring is destroyed. And those airships will have to land eventually for resupply or the occupants will starve to death.

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I reckon the ents could take the wall, seeing as they 'crumbled stone as if it was bread' (not exact quote), although they are vulnerable to the fire benders, but they are being defended by pretty much unmatched armies (oliphaunts, trolls, nazgul, expert cavalry). I reckon sauron could take ozai easily, and the balrog could solo at the northern water tribe, while the white council takes the order of the white lotus. Airships are big, slow targets, so a few well aimed catapult shots could make them fall, and the rohirrim take any feeble attempt by the earth kingdom to perform a cavalry charge. I don't think the fire nation would burn the forests, as they didn't when jet and his freedom fighters ambushed their people in his forest, and the only mass destructions they committed happened during sozin's comets, possibly their power boost having a huge psychological impact, but they don't have the comet in this battle. They would regret the day they set foot inside the old forest if they tried to take bombadil! The elves could take most infantry, picking off the relatively close-range benders from afar, while the dwarves hack away at the heavier ones. The trolls balance out the more elite earth benders. Aang presents a problem for the middle earthlings, but I reckon gandalf could take him, though he is needed in the council vs lotus fight.... Hmmmm, maybe the witch king takes him, though he hates fire, the balrog could, but he's busy, bombadil could if aang strays into his forest, gwaihirr wind lord maybe, or a dragon, if any still exist, another balrog, depending on how much there were to begin with, I dunno.

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Dead Men of Dunharrow win this for Middle-Earth.

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hmm, quite debatable.....

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only problem with the dead men is in the book, they don't do anything. well, physically i mean. they just show up by the pirates who then s*** themselves, while the rangers kill them off. (correct me if i'm wrong), so they don't need to be 'killed'. i still think that only the airships and the wall are problematic to middle earth, but they are significant problems. a few days of attack by the ents would bring down the wall, but the fire benders would seriously hinder their efforts. i don't know if middle earth could take omashu either, but eagles can get over the walls. durin's bane destroys the northern water tribe (demon of fire and shadow can break his way through ice). the rohirrim i think could take any of the infantry forces, and any attempt by the earth kingdom to form an ostrich horse cavalry, with trolls smashing the fire nation tanks. in the end, if sauron follows his usual pattern of destruction, he solos, he just gives rings to the earth king & fire lord & water chief (?), and they are corrupted and he gains control over them, especially as they have no experience of such rings of power. but, i disallow sauron from doing so unless this battle starts going heavily in the four nation's favor. ents are far more powerful than the movie shows, huge numbers (huorns), always put great thought into their actions, eighteen foot tall giants, camouflage, can crumble stone as if it was bread. the forests probably would be destroyed if the fire nation had sozin's comet, but they don't, so bombadil, treebeard and the nation of lothlorien are safe.