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Dr. Doom is teleported to an open field where 10 Power Rangers are gathered to defeat him. Doom only has his normal power suit and no magic. The Rangers have full access to their powers except for Battleizers and Zords. Dr. Doom is surrounded and the Rangers are 15 ft away from him. How does this end

List of Rangers

Billy Cranston as the Blue Might Morphin Power Ranger (team leader)

Cam Watanabe as the Ninjastorm Green Samurai Ranger

TJ Johnson a the Red Turbo Ranger

Chip Thorn as the Mystic Force Yellow Ranger

Will Anston as the Black Overdrive Ranger

Katherine Hilllard as the Pink Zeo Ranger

Dominic Hargan as the Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger (White)

Antonio Garcias as the Gold Samurai Ranger

Zhane as the Silver Space Ranger

Anubis "Doggie" Krugar as the SPD Shadow Ranger