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Takes place on Delta Rana IV

The Douwd


Now before you say anything this is not a stomp in Q's Favor. With a thought Douwd destroyed 15 billion people. He was able to recreate his wife. He was able to put music into Diana's mind blocking her telepathy. Q is not omnipotent he has lost his powers.

So now that I gave you Douwd's feats let the debate begin

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I was going to create my own thread for my 1000th post, but I can't refuse this opportunity, since I'm a big Star Trek fan! Thanks!

I am fully aware of both the Douwd's and Q's feats, and Q wins this fight. Frankly, I would say that Q defeats any non-Q Star Trek character in a big stomp. Q can raise the dead; the Douwd, while extremely powerful, could only create an illusion of his wife; Q transported the Voyager to the beginning of the universe; the Douwd, apparently, could not even whisk the Husnock away from his planet. The Q can create alternate timelines or dimensions with nary a thought; the Douwd, evidently, could not enter another dimension to escape the Husnock (or throw the Husnock into a parallel dimension, which Q could have easily done).

Destroying billions of Husnock with a thought is obviously extremely impressive, but this is not something that is outside of Q's power set.

Q for the win, in what I would say would be the equivalent of Trion Juggernaut facing Captain America.

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Not giving Star Trek enough credit here. There is much more going on here than meets the eye. Only one individual from the Douwd race was ever encountered. And while in human form, he was very much attempting to never use his godlike powers. That is why he did not get just rid of the Husnock when they first appeared. Once again, it was certainly not because he couldn't, it was because he put aside his nearly omnipotent powers in his desire to be as human as possible, since the he was smitten with a human. If Q individuals were totally omnipotent then how was the Q once stripped of his powers ? That would be impossible for a truly omnipotent being. Like the Douwd, would say that the Q are also nearly omnipotent. How much closer, if at all, impossible to say since there was no encounter between the two ever shown.

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Iam going with the Q on this one. While wiping out an entire species is an impressive feat, the douwd couldnt bring back the death. I dont see a reason why the Q wouldnt be able to replicate that feat with their nigh-omnipotent reality warping.

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Q should win this based on feats. They have much more powerful feats to their name and the ONLY way they were ever killed were by the entire Q race allowing one to become human, or by weapons created specifically by the Q to kill Q that caused Supernova's lightyears away just as a side effect of the powers. The douwd, while possibly very powerful, were never shown to have that type of high end feats.