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In this battle I choose a hero or villain to. Battle, if he gets 7 voters he moves on to a new opponent, of the opponent wins then he/she moves on.

Start with - Night Wing (don't try to make a stomp if you make a suggestion)

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Bane, am I doing this correctly?

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Depends on which versions and when, where but ill vote for Nightwing :P

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Nightwing.... I guess. I have no clue what I'm doing.

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Unless specified otherwise...it should be current versions. (that's the default rule for the battles forum)

In this case..Current Bane beats Nightwing.

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Bane's already wrecked Nightwing in less than 2 pages.....twice. Super venom current Bane would absolutely wreck him....even worse than their previous fights. If it's pre-52 versions then Bane still wrecks him a third time.

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Nightwing barely survived a fight with one Talon, current Bane butchered three of them in one page.


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Oh, now I see what we're doing. I say Bane wins. The new Venom formula has its PIS, but it's better. Nightwing can't beat that.

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Bane wins.

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Since there is already more than 7 votes...

Bane vs... um... Killmonger?

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