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This is a free for all of all the 'heroic' Disney characters that I can remember. Everyone has standard gear (if they lack standard gear, they get a sword), is bloodlusted and fighting to the death. Battle takes place in the Colosseum of Rome

The combatants

Prince Charming

Prince Phillipe


Prince Eric

Peter Pan

Aladdin (sans lamp)


John Smith


Wart (from sword in the stone)


Dave Grohl

The weird Prince from Snow White who likes to go around kissing dead chicks


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I say either mulan tarzan or peter pan cuz each of them have a certain degree of combat training petet being in constant battle tarzan fightin apes and mulan with her foral training plus peter can fly and tarzan has above human strength

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Prince Phillipe,,,,fighting Maleficent is an impressive feat, Peter Pan would also be a challenge

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Mulan solos. That girl be cray.

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Its between Tarzan, Perer Pan, Aladdin, and Mulan.

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damn, no love for Dave Grohl lol

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Just gonna throw him out here

He Solos

Also KH cast,Marvel,Star Wars,the guy from Tron,Robin Hood,Sulley,Jack Skellington,Stich,Mr.Iredible,Simba and Beast.

Out of the Characters you listed though I would go with Mulan.

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Peter Pan

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I would suggest Stitch but he is not in battle

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I think Tarzan takes this...

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Peter, magic FTW.

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