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Darkseid should win here...Despero has no means of negating oe...

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darhsied omega stomp

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Both of them are JL busters. I guess the deciding factor is if DS is immue to mind rape. Despero owned MMH with it, and that's saying something.

However, IF it has no effect, I believe DS has more ways of beating Despero than the other way around.

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@xiix: how darkseid is stronger and is a strong tp tk and is far more versatile.

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Darkseid if both New-52 versions.

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@ownerz said:

@T.J. Magnum said:

" is current despero the one who beat cap.marvel and superman at the same time ?if so i think he wins. "

Despero should win it, typically Darkseid will fall after Superman punches him a few times in the face

Yeah he didn't seem to fall after being punched, stabbed in the eyes! And was still kicking their asses. And it doesn't take a few punches, it takes a lot more. Your wrong, DS for the win.

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Not sure who wins

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Darkseid. BOTH have lost to Superman. Darkseid has better highs and better lows even, as Despero got oneshotted by Superman's heatvision.