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Inductees this round






Congrats to all

Purpose of the HOF

Contrary to what most may believe the HOF is about more than just back patting and recognition. It's about endorsing the values we want to see more on our forum. There's an old Saying you catch more flies with honey ................ and it's true. recognize the things you like with praise and more will want to do them for the recognition. This is your chance to positively influence our community.

Please no negative comments about any user or anyone's choice. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The list so far comes from those nominated for round 6 and excludes those new nominees of round 7 (due to the change over from CV 1 to 2.0 at that time). Sorry I have no way to find the most recent


Everyone can vote for five only of the nominees on the list below (only on the list). There has bed a week long process of nomination that everyone had plenty of time to add to the list. No complaints about the list will be accepted as it was made by the community in an open process.

You cannot vote for someone twice

You cannot vote for yourself ( campaigning is allowed as I'll be heavily campaigning for Forever who is long over due)

Please base votes on the behaviors of the debaters listed and the talent they show in debated ( a rule obviously ignored in round 6 when I got in- as my presence confirms)

No derogatory comments about other members choices

Please provide a brief reason why you voted for the viner you have ( it might just eliminate the usual negative comments about the list/process/ etc.

Links are provided so you can have a look at the posts of candidates your not familiar with if you like ( those few who aren't will be updated soon)

Current Hall of Fame members

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 1

  • the creator
  • Static Shock
  • Gambler
  • Buckshot
  • Vance Astro

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 2

  • Morpheus_
  • k4tzm4n
  • Zoom
  • AtPhantom
  • Ferro Vida
  • Dane

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 3

  • erik
  • Silver2467
  • Power NeXus
  • King Saturn
  • geraldthesloth

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 4

  • JediXMan
  • Spidey15
  • Lance Uppercut
  • Final Arrow
  • Matezoide

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 5

  • vuviper
  • Lunacyde
  • god_spawn
  • Strafe Prower
  • CosmicSpiral
  • MrDirector789

Debaters Hall of Fame - Round 6 (Congrats!)

  • CitizenBane
  • beatboks1
  • Floopay
  • Super_SoliderXII
  • texasdeathmatch

Debaters Hall of Fame Round 7






The Current Nominees

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@dondave - You're 1 word posts are legendary and when you have to,throw down very intelligent posts.

@lvenger - Your posts are phenomenal and a blast to read. A feared debater when using powerhouses.

@dredeuced - Flash expert with legendary knowledge. Has defended Flash everything to hell and back and deserves to be here.Major props

@comicstooge - An underdog debater who knows how to debate his characters with pinpoint accuracy. Fantastic debater you are

@frozen - An amazing DC educated debater who sticks up for characters and debates with the utmost confidence

And because it seems like this person needs to be there:@forever

Wish I can add more because there are a few more to put :)

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@comicstooge - Great CAV debater who can out-debate some solid names even when he's using the worse character.

@veshark - Really knows his stuff and is one of the best debaters on this site at applying his knowledge. He can pinpoint all of the important aspects of a fight and come to a solid, educated decision. I seriously can't remember the last time I disagreed with one of his analysis' on a fight.

@shootingnova - One of, if not the, best Star Wars debaters on this site. Absolutely ruthless in his counter arguments, knows how to properly explain context even in it's most convoluted or vague forms, and can definitely apply his wealth of knowledge to an overwhelming degree in any debate, even if he just wants to play devils advocate.

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Just got a vote and I ain't even on the list!

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@wolverine08: Can't believe you ain't on the list but I am lmao!Must be a effed up dream

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We should be able to vote for any Viner on the site, not off some crappy list of nominees.

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We should be able to vote for any Viner on the site, not off some crappy list of nominees.


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@wolverine08: Nah. I understand why they didn't put me on there. I would sweep too hard.

I am 'the best there is' after all.

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@wolverine08: Nah. I understand why they didn't put me on there. I would sweep too hard.

I am 'the best there is' after all.


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@wolverine08: Nah. I understand why they didn't put me on there. I would sweep too hard.

I am 'the best there is' after all.

I can see this turning into something like the Geists. The Wolverine0_ crew going around flaunting their egos.

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I'll pimp myself (for what little good it would do me) and be back to vote after I have had some sleep (a lot of good people that deserve votes): http://www.comicvine.com/profile/wyldsong/blog/my-debate-link-list/97679/

From the list though, I'll drop down links to 3 of my first CaVs. Bear in mind that one of my more recent goals has been to showcase the underdogs, those characters from the less mainstream lines. As such, I have taken such characters as Aphrodite IX, and faced down Azrael (great debate with @higorm there, and my first CaV):


Another fun one was against @lukehero, where I took Aspen Matthews of Fathom, and went up against Ms. Marvel (defninitely not an easy character to debate against):


And of course, most people seem to know me for my knowledge and debates with this guy, Jackie Estacado, the ever loving Darkness (been called the Darkness incarnate a few times for my debates with him):


I took on @pope052 in a classic match (which the ever awesome @neongamewave helped get set up) against the Prototype boys:


So far, I am pretty much undefeated in the CaV ring, and have learned a lot from each and every sparring partner I have ever had, who have been all great and awesome to debate against. A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has ever sparred with me in the CaV ring!

I'll also throw out my two times as being picked for a viner argument of the week by the one and only @k4tzm4n (I was very honored and humbled by these with so many great arguments being thrown out by many awesome debaters):



And then there is my Witchblade Respect Thread: http://www.comicvine.com/witchblade/4005-18319/forums/time-to-respect-the-withcblade-revamp-1533219/#34

And an early battle forum blog of mine that received great reviews: http://www.comicvine.com/profile/wyldsong/blog/dr-manhattan-the-truth-behind-the-feats-aka-why-so/61001/

And I think that is enough pimping of myself, but I have a few more CaVs in the first link, and one or two other regular forum threads I have participated in.

Like I said, I'll come back and vote in a bit...but I need some sleep and time to think...

@mikep12: Thanks for the vote my friend. It is greatly appreciated brother man.

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Sexy Merc




@beatboks1 BTW, Killemall is already in the HoF and is also in the nominee's list. Just thought I'd let you know. Also, if you need any help with this, let me know. :)

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Lvenger and ComicStooge both have my vote. These two Viners have been around for quite some time, and have plenty of entertaining and top-class debates under their respective belts.

Oh and thanks, @i_like_swords ;)

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Bringnit. He was probably the most knowledgeable user when it came to spider-man (and for what its worth I include myself), he wasn't afraid to disagree with the majority, and he was always able to look at battles with an open mind. He was also probably the most unbiased user I can remember.

@beatboks1 How long is voting open? I have other people in mind but I want to think about some things.

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Here is the part where I do a bit(re: a lot) of campaigning for myself. I feel like the best place to kick off is some debates against people already in the hall of fame. My first tournament on the Vine had the unlucky (or lucky, if you will) pairing of me taking back to back rounds against HoFers @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek and @floopay. My first round was a bare win against YNCG(Fair warning, all my debates are...lengthy):


While YNCG got caught unable to give his final retort, I won the debate with a deciding vote casted by fellow nominee and all around respected debater @esquire. It was a close and very interesting debate. My next round came against a roadblock in Floopay. While it was an eventual loss, I think I handled myself well and put forth a great argument:


As fate would have it, I would end up meeting Floopay in a similar high end street leveler tourney (with very similar teams, even) hosted by @sovereign91001, in a three way match against Mr. Ingenuity. During that tourney I also defeated @veitha in R1 seen here:


Followed by the very close victory over Floopay and @mr_ingenuity


Sadly, I don't believe the tourney ever finished as Sovereign found himself busy, but I don't think anything else I was doing that tourney would match my game against Floopay.

In another street level tourney hosted by Esquire, I put together a pretty good team, I won pretty handily in round 1, @dextersinister gave me a good fight in round 2, I actually got a concession from @juiceboks in R3, and I believe I put HoFer CadenceV2/@pokergeist in a spot he couldn't win (it gets a little chippy in the end but Cadence and I have since worked out that tiff). While the winner wasn't conclusive I chalk it up as a won tourney for me. The Dextersinister match is probably the best read as Dexter really put me through the hoops to pull out that win, even if he isn't a HoFer like Cadence. While the previous rounds against Floopay were really good debates between even teams, this was more me getting the better of everyone with a really powerful team and running roughshod:





Getting out of the Streetlevel/mid-tier hero category for a bit, I also participated in a brief high tier draft tourney hosted by @clark_el. I picked New 52 Barry Allen, one of the niches of knowledge I'm best at, and went into some rounds where most people thought I was at a decided disadvantage due to the character's lack of showings at the time.



The battles are a bit redundant as they're versus similar character types, but here's a flattering statement in round 1 from someone I greatly respect, @lvenger:

"If voting is open I'll give my vote to @dredeuced: in a surprising display of coherent arguments with very relevant feats to support his point. I thought you would have your hands full only using New 52 Barry's feats but you pulled one heck of a strategy out of the bag."

Continuing on with the "higher" tier tourneys, @diredrill's Big Shoes tourney was a fun one. I made it to the finals, but defaulted a loss to @thetruebarryallen as I ended up going on an unexpected hiatus midround and couldn't really get back to the vine for about half a year. That's not a big deal as I'm not sure I could've beaten TTBA anyhow and give him all the credit in the world for winning the tourney. That said, there's still lots of great matches using a very interesting system for a tournament, courtesy of the ever creative Diredrill:




On the way I end up with another match against CadenceV2/Pokergeist where I come out with a win.

That's about it for solo tourneys I remember putting a lot of effort and thought into.

That said, I'm not solely a tourney thriving debater, while I don't have a specific thread to link to, I'll just uh, inflate my ego a little bit with a couple of Kudos posts from HoFers @killemall and @god_spawn:

Killemall: "One of the most under-rated humble and all around solid debator. I know most people are going to rate you different, form my side you deserve a whooping 4.8/5.The only 2 person who have impressed me more than you off late, sorry just being honest, are rolldestroyer and Strider."

God_Spawn: "Shameless self plug aside, I think the list is solid. Especially on Dredeuced. No offense to anyone else, but he's definitely the best up and comer the Vine has had in awhile IMO, as far as all around knowledge goes from comics to anime."

Of the people on the vine that could make me blush with a compliment, God_Spawn and Killemall are very high up there. Hopefully me not being quite so new hasn't diminished their expectations of me.

Beyond that, I think most everyone knows that I'm very well versed in many things pertaining to Wildstorm, all things Justice League, and, obviously, The Flash and I've taken part in many a normal thread with these characters involved. I feel my strongest point is that outside of the above listed specialties, I've got a pretty wide angle for a knowledge base extending from major and minor American comics to the now very popular anime/manga battles. I put a lot of thought and effort into every post and, while they often times get very TL;DR (Example: This post), I've always thought it better to have a very big, very thoughtful post instead of a short thoughtless one. I've got my flaws, as does everyone, and hope this resume I've put together is both an interesting read and, at the very least, a bit impressive.

Special thanks to @reaverlation, @comicstooge, and @wolverine08 for thinking I'm worthy enough for a nomination. Hopefully this post rewarded your faith in me and demonstrated why you thought I was worth the nomination.

To everyone I tagged, sorry if I bothered you. I feel like if I'm gonna name drop people to make myself look good I should atleast give credit and let someone know that I'm namedropping them.

Finally, thanks to @beatboks1 for taking his time to host this event.

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@dredeuced: No problem :).

Flash Fact:You a boss!!!

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@dredeuced: You're a great debater - I was incredibly nervous about going against you in the Big Shoes Tournament - your team was boss.

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Ah i didnt even see the nomination thread..

My Votes in no particular order.

1. @dredeuced (although just be clear this has nothing to with that fact that he is the only one campaigning himself :p).

2. @frozen (despite out never endless list of agreeing to disagree with each other, he is a fantastic debator and deserves this spot). Also not related, remember i once talked about a past debate with you in regards to Kyle, sorry just realized that was Forever not Frozen.. so easy to get mixed up with similar nick name.

3. @omgomgwtfwtf (One of the most under-rated debater who deserves a lot more respect than what he gets... also makes up an awesome debate partner).

4. @bringnit (As a person who sheldom visits a street level thread, if i am be this damn impressed with him, i am not sure why he hasnt made it to the list. Granted i havented seen you around in recent time but you deserve this)

5. @czarny_samael666 (Perhaps the first person i made friends with in comicvine, although that was nothing to do with why he is here, from the last 3 hall of fame voting i have always voted for him, and will continue to do so up until he gets there, simply because he's a badass :p )

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With all these awesome debaters still left, I think I might be waiting a year or two longer. There are people here who deserve it more than I.

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Just got a vote and I ain't even on the list!

Don't worry, I'll count that one as a negative vote in round 9 when it will count ;D ( sarcasm in case it wasn't obvious)

@jashro44 said:

@beatboks1 How long is voting open? I have other people in mind but I want to think about some things.

At this stage let's say 5 to six days. Honestly I usually just close the round when voting get's scarce. Just trying to give those who are only on once or twice a week a chance to have their say.

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@comicstooge: Pft. Drop the humility!

Unlike some of us, I don't need my name in a Hall of Fame to be proud of myself, unlike a certain Wolverine fanboy I know of. ;)

The fact I might entertain someone who reads my posts is enough. Oh, and the fact I'm ending your streak.

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I'll come back to this later.

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Some of mine, for people to see:

Debates + CAV's

CAV with Batman (me) vs Solid Snake (NickZambuto) --- it's lengthy...

Never finished this CaV with HigorM: Batman (Me, Bruce + Dick) vs HigorM (Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier + Captain America)

Debate for DC's Captain Marvel (me) vs New-52 Superman (Lvenger)

Debate for Darkseid (me) vs Superman (Killemall)

Debate for New-52 Darkseid (me) vs H'el (Killemall, we extensively discuss a feat)

Debate for Black Adam (me) vs Hulk (Czarney666)

CAV with DC's Captain Marvel (me) vs Alan Scott (highaccuser)

Debating Black Adam and Shazam (me) against Superman and Wonder Woman (pages two and three)

Shorter debate --- KC Superman (me) vs Superboy Prime thread

Short CAV. Interesting to use movie-characters: James Bond (me) vs Black Widow (Shroudofsorrow)


Just some general admissions that have been passed on me, first by the best there is (@wolverine08, I hope he doesn't mind if I use this......) - I'll do so. I've heard that you were good before, but the first time I've actually see you debate was your CaV with Nickzumbato. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed by your debating. You clearly have a vast amount of knowledge with what you're talking about, and have an excellent way of breaking down arguments and mirroring how you're character's strong points will take advantage of your opponent's weak points. Very respectful as well. A 9/10 for me.

From GhostRavage - Ah, hopefully you see more about me as i want to see more about you. I find quite intriguing the fact debaters like Lvenger (which i esteem a lot) respect you so much and i've never seen you around till now. That batman CaV showed me you indeed have potential and maybe all that is said about you may be true. It's hard to earn a follow from me when it is completely separated from friendship but debating skills so know you're one of the few i've actually followed because of skillz :P.

From HigorM - I must say I'm impressed with your last debates, two in special, the one against CitzenBane and the other against nickzambuto. You are not the type of debater who run CaV's every single week, but when you do it's for real. You seem to have a great amount of knowledge in some characters like batman, superman and others, and you always make a solid case for them when supporting the character. For me you are a solid debater, who actually knows what you are talking about, and debates not only with scans but most important with actual arguments. So, to in resume, I believe you deserv recognition for your debating skills.

From Lvenger - Wow thanks for the undeservedly high rating mate, I'm honoured to be placed that highly in the eyes of such a credible and knowledgeable debater such as yourself. I humbly accept your rating of me ;)

From Killemall -

As promised I went through most of your forum posts and it seems pretty impressive. You seem to be pretty knowledgeable in what you debate; you normally have a cool level head, and have the ability to substantiate your claims.There isn’t much to criticize there, I would rate you extremely highly mate, something between 8-9, and more leaning towards 9 than 8.The only limitation I see, is that you don’t see overtly knowledgeable with character from marvel but then I suppose it’s pretty hard for someone to be knowledgeable in everything, you obviously prefer to DC more.

EDIT: So far I give my votes to @lvenger and @dredeuced (brilliant debater and plus..I call on him for Flash knowledge).

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For those of you not fortunate to have seen the great Forever in debate, scroll backwards from her to see his awesomeness http://www.comicvine.com/profile/forever/forums/?page=5 there's only 420 odd pages of incredible debating to go through. So to make things easier here are w few of the threads he's debated in to see both sides







Obviously my first vote goes to

Forever. A debater who always showed great character respect for others and always debated his case calmly rationally and supported with an incredible clarity of thought.

DedmanWalkin the master of loopholes and without question most creative tourney player to have ever blessed the site with his time.

czarny_samael he and I have gone head to head so often over the years (both being into magic characters though i probably lean a little more to the demonic)and I've always enjoyed our debates. He never get's ruffled and simply presents his case calmly and logically.

Sexy Merc master of all things green lantern so naturally as an Alan Scot Fanboy he and I met often on the same threads in his day. yet to meet anyone who could out knowledge him on anything GL

My last spot was a very close toss up between esquire , Acidskull, shootingnova and Sherlock. Esquire is as his username implies. he carries himself with great dignity and a nobility few can match

Honorable mentions

@buckshot@gambler__@the_creator ; @silver2467 ; @king_saturn@atphantom Get your buts in here and let's get Forever his due.

Current standings as at Frozen's campaign launch ( last post up before i started this)


Sorry, just edited missed Frozen's own to votes

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@comicstooge - A great debater who has knowledge on most street levelers and other characters as well who deserves to be in the hall of fame. One of the best and I am shocked he is still not in the hall of fame.

@lvenger - Great knowledge on the heavy hitters class of characters and a person who knows how to debate properly.

@laflux - A good debater who never gets into fierce arguments and knows how to debate and what he is debating for. Deserves my vote.

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@nickzambuto gets my first vote. One of the most thorough debaters, and very difficult to find holes in his arguments without sounding dumb (which I have many times, lol).

@i_like_swords gets a vote. He's brought Star Wars back to the vine, better then anyone else I've ever seen.

@wyldsong Same reason as ILS, but he did it with Top Cow, which is awesome.

@ghostravage Best debater for Hulk on this site. There are thousands of Hulk "experts", but GR's by far the best.

@cosmicallyaware1 - Has some of the most entertaining debates to read.

There are tons more I'd like to add too.

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@beatboks1: alright im ready for my votes

@cosmicallyaware1- i think youre an underdog here... the Hall of Fame is not just for the best debators (imo) but also for those that debate with character. my best debates always include you in them and thats because youre a good debater that knows how to be respectful (most of the time :P) so you get my vote

one of our debates


and our Silver Surfer vs Gladiator vs Depero

@lvenger- ill throw one out to you. because your knowledgeable on both sides of DC and Marvel. I forgive you for liking Superdork. ive gone over some of your debates and you deserve to be here

@dondave- he gets one... his one word answers drive me nuts but he knows what he is talking about

@forever- i read through 1/4 of the links Beatboks posted and i didnt need to read any more... he belongs here

@boschepg- his knowledge of lesser known characters (like alpha flight) and his ability to use them effectively in debates tells me he has the skill to be here

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@kidman560: my man, you honor me.......thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words.

@tparks: once again, thanks man. It really means a lot...

and now for me official votes huh? get five? this is very, very difficult for me as there as sooo many that deserve this. That being said (and no hard feelings to anybody.....i would vote for you all if I could) here ares the ones I feel just rise above a bit and truly shine

All in all, it's a honor to be associated with all you fine gentlemen on the vine, and an even greater personal honor for myself to be mentioned amongst fellow company. Thank you.

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Not nearly as active in the battles but these names stood out to me. Few others I really wanted to add, but rules are rules and can only pick 5.

  • Deranged Midget
  • granitesoldier
  • laflux
  • slimj87d
  • theacidskull
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ill vote for






they all have in common that they have enormous knowledge on their subjects and even more important is, that they always keep their cool and stay respectful in their replies regardless of the fanboyism and stupidity they face ^^

especially wyldsong in the godzilla threads and princearagorn in the anime departement :)

i couldnt take half of it before i start with the insults xD

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been reading a lot of threads since i have seen this and this site has a ton of good debaters moer than most pther sites i have been on

think i covered most of the people while reading and i think i would like to place a vote for




deranged midget