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A new Beyonder has arrived.

He has merged DC & Marvel universes. Living Tribunal, Spectre, have never seen such POWER.

He wants to change the balance of this new universe.

He offers HIS power (so his death) to the winner of his challenge.


He will creates a new planetary. And all teams will have to come with their tech and stuff. They will create their bases during one month, then the total war will begin. At the end of 11 months of war the last team standing will gain the power to become GOD.

Prep time:12 months (in their current base...Castle for Doom... Batcave for Batman...working together with their team mate)

Nobody know the opponents before arrival on the new planetary.

It's the big day...Beyonder has created his planetary.


A swarm of spaceships invades space's void.

The battle takes place here:


6 teams with two members.

2 teams with three members.

Each team is working as...a TEAM.

One months for building their bases (weapons and co...).

War: the next 11 months

Only one team can win this war.

Here the teams:

- 1 "Conqueror"


Thanos & Kang

- 2 "Manipulator"


Darkseid & Vril Dox

- 3 "Next step of the evolution"


High Evolutionary & Ultra-Humanite

- 4 "Robotics Council"


Ultron & Cyborg Superman

- 5 "Ultimate scientists"


Metron & Krona

- 6 "Rulers"


Luthor & Doom

- 7 "Last Hope for Marvel"


Black Panther & Reed Richards & Iron Man

- 8 "Last Hope for DC"


Ray Palmer & Batman & Mister Terrific

Which is the first team to go down ?

Which is the last team standing before Beyonder ?

Really...such power for a team ?


Who is standing alone before Beyonder ?

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I say its between team 2, 6, 8 maybe 7. Team 4 and Team 3 would be taken out first.

I think team 2 wins?

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@xdm: Awesome set up....

I would have to say Team 4 Robotics Council would be taken down first.

Team 1 Conquerors would be the last team standing, and then Thanos takes out Kang to be the last one standing!

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team 5 wins, krona should be enough.

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Its very hard to argue against Thanos with prep, specially in line of what has been announced about the upcoming story arc , Infinity.

That being said , i have always felt it was his morals that held his back, else when it comes to prep no one is above Reed Richard, in his best days.

Also if anything is allowed a couple of people in the teams like (Thanos, Kang, Darkseid, Krona, Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic) have access to time travel technologies or their own ability, that could actually buy them infinite amount of time for prep as opposed to team that dont have time manipulators.

Physically the most powerful person here is Krona, specially the tall version used in OP as opposed to the more recent midget one, but 12 months is a holy hell lot of prep.

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Doom and Lex

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Metron and Krona. Two cosmic intellects. Metron created the Worologog an artifact on the level of IG.

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team 6

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As a Marvel Fanboy i want to say team 7 and they actually have a good chance i mean imagine what Tony and Reed could do in 12 months with Vibranium. and if Iron Man is allowed to bring his suits if he could mesh his bleeding edge armor with Vibranium it would be bad ass not to mention some other armors that are pretty powerful. however team 2 also has a good chance. I really think that if Reed has no morals he and team 7 can win this

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I think it's down to Team 6, Team 7, and Team 8. I'd put my money on Team 6.

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without PIS, teams 1 and 5 will be the last teams standing. even though we do not even know which versions are in use.

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Team 1 or Team 5 and maybe 2

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Team 6, 5 or 7

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Team 1 or 5, leaning towards 1 due to Thanos prep, and the fact that Kang might be Doom and vice versa (headache)