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Setting: Metro City


- Cody and Guy have access to all their skills and abilities from the Final Fight series, as well as Street Fighter games and Comics.

- Morals on

- Random encounter

- Normal gear for Cap, team has access to knives, pipes, bats, rocks, etc. (basically any melee weapon from their series)

- Winner by K.O.

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Captain America wins, though both Cody and Guy are pretty tough.

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@saiyan_earthling said:

Captain America wins, though both Cody and Guy are pretty tough.

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Wait..IF they get all their abilities does that mean Cody can still uppercut hurricanes?If so I don't see how this isn't a stomp

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Kinda hard to gauge video game showings against comic book showings. Even then, Cody and Guy had limited showings in the Street Fighter comic books.

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Captain America wins this easily...very easily.

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If Cody still has his handcuffs-Captain America wins

If he takes them off-Team wins

Cody without handcuffs beat down Ryu. He keeps the handcuffs on make the fight fair. Since Captain America is very strong and durable, later on Cody will have to take the cuffs off.

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Team wins

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I think cap would win