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#151 Edited by LimpoyzLoan (1692 posts) - - Show Bio

Alright, enough of this.

I hate how people think one side is worse than the other. They both use flawed logic and the reason that flame wars start is because both sides just generally treat the other like crap.

DBZ Fans: The reason comic book readers treat you like you're ignorant and don't know how to debate is because some of you use power levels and ABC logic. And making fights that are just plain spite (IE Goku vs Galactus) is what makes people think you're overestimating your character and providing even MORE ABC logic and power scaling. And then there are some of you who just plainly say "OMGZ GOKU STOMPS HED DESTROY TOAA!!!11" In which I think everyone should just ignore because they are obviously trolling. There CAN be some intelligent debates. It doesn't have to using power levels or ABC logic. There are still plenty of feats that can be used without saying "Roshi blew up the moon with a PL of 139 hurr durr" And then the unnecessary profanity, in which I have to say, "GROW UP" In the end, we're debating fictional characters and how one would do against the other in battle. Holding grudges as if you're not debating, you're just using the "My dad can beat up your dad!" logic and not providing anything else. It even states in the battle rules itself, don't just flat-out state, "SS Stomps," or ,"HULK IS ULTIMATE POWAH."

Comic Fans: Oh boy, I'm gonna get flamed for this.

I'm not saying all of you, keep that in mind. When DBZ fans bring up a statement, such as Vegeta stating he was going to destroy the planet in the saiyan saga and you guys automatically stating it as hyperbole, when you bring up NO PROOF of that claim, then you can understand why DBZ fans would get pissed at that. Then there are just immature fanboys claiming power scaling even on intelligent debates and acting like they're superior based on their fanbase. But I'm not going to debate what is better Anime or Comics because that is not the point of this post. The point is that, Comic fans can be just as bad, and maybe even worse than DBZ fans. Don't forget, some comic fans also use power scaling, (Like on a topic of Goku vs Superman, someone brings in how Superboy Prime destroyed a dimension with his punches, when the topic was originally about Supes in the first place. Or saying that just because Murmur is a Flash villain, he is suddenly on the level of Flash.) Or coming up with some weird rational like "lifting strength = striking power when it clearly isn't. There are fanboys on both sides, and one side acting like the other is superior is just plain immature. Or worse, bringing up the Death Battle when it's proven to be false, just to spite fans saying "LOOK LOOK IT'S RIGHT DEATH BATTLE SPEAKS THE WORD OF GOD ITS ALL RIGHT. STUPID FANBOYS LOL."


Now, as to get back on topic of the OP, I respectfully am willing to defend Goku, and anyone willing to debate without being immature, or treating me like an ignorant fanboy, I'll be happy to debate with. One more thing, it's stuff like these posts above which proves my points. And people saying just go to Animevice, that's just dumb. Everyone should be welcome to this site and discouraging them is not proving a case. Plus, in my personal opinion, there are only a handful of intelligent debaters over there, that's why Comicvine is better because it actually has intelligent debates and that's what makes it so much more thrilling. And come on guys, we're on thin ice as it is with this ban. We don't need another thing taken out of this awesome site.

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#152 Posted by SMXLR8 (4389 posts) - - Show Bio
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#153 Posted by God_Spawn (40620 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, people need to stop arguing about this already. People need to stop swearing, stop trolling and stop insulting one another. This is one of the reasons people DBZ banned in the first place and after seeing this I really am considering editing the rule again.

Sorry, Pooty, but I'm locking this for now until people can handle things maturely. The challenge a viner thread is already open as is.