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No prep.

Full knowledge for both.

Roland has his Pet Billy Bumbler and his 2 six shooters.

Jak CANNOT use his Eco abilities; he's armed with his Morph Gun and has access to all mods from Jak 3 (minus the Peace Maker and it's 2 mods).


Winner by Death or KO.

Fight takes place on an empty, closed down freeway.

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Starting distance is 100 feet.

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@Stingerrain: Alright. I will put together a opener soon.

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@nickzambuto: Oh Stop it.... your just on this sly cooper High as I am on Roland high.

@Stingerrain: Alright. Stephen Kings Dark Tower novels revolves around SK greatest hero in writing Roland Deschain. the Last Gunslinger and destine savior of the Dark tower. The center of all the Multiverses in existence.

He is a Gunslinger and as such train from birth like the royal knights of old. He also is the descendant of King Arthur himself.

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Roland's Father, Cuthbert's Father, and Alain's Father are ambush by Slow Mutants with poison darts.Its sums up being a Gunslinger.

What makes Roland so special is his Speed in the Quick draw, Shooting speed, and Accuracy.

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As a child he was faster than every other train child.

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This is Cuthbert. As a teenager his hand speed and accuracy embarrassed this season Gunslinging outlaw Depape (one of the 3 Big coffin Hunters) with a mere Slingshot.

Take into account Roland is faster than him and considered a better shot to boot.

All these showing are Rolands age of 14. He is a grown man much later. In his 20s with years of warfare and years of killing behind him.

He in fact became the Youngest Gunslinger thru his very intense trial in history of Gilead. His father was 16 as the youngest. Roland beat that record at 14.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

As seen with his test with Cort the Weapons Master he not only very tactical, but he is also a pretty decent fighter at the age of 14.

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@CadenceV2: While I will admit that it's impossible to deny that Roland is an extremely skilled Gunslinger and Marksmen, I feel that Jak has a few attributes up his sleeve that would (at the least) even out the playing field.

For starters, Jak's willpower and endurance is very high; he managed to survive being imprisoned and tortured for up to 2 years.

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2:52 - 3:49

Also, take into consideration the fact that instead of Baron Praxis using a standard method of torture such as electrocution and such, he decides to pump Jak full of Dark Eco; one of the deadliest substances in the entire J&D-verse. Now granted, the Baron wasn't actually trying to kill him, but most people wouldn't last a week if they were being injected with it 24/7, so being able to survive it for up to 2 years is not an easy feat to accomplish. Even Praxus comments that he should at least be dead with the amount of Dark Eco he pumped into him.

If endurance isn't enough, Jak's durability itself is also something worth noting.

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6:40 - 6:58; manages to survive being launched out of a two story building by an explosion and also survive the drop without having any injury.

Mind if I continue my the rest tomorrow? I'm too tired to look through the rest of the cutscenes but I also don't feel like starting over again.

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@Stingerrain: Yes please do. I'm beat from this work week as well. Tag me when ya post again.