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*EHm* ladies and Gentleman i dont care just fight already

X-man, Silver Surfer, Hal Jordan (Kidman560)


Cyborg Supes, Kyle Rayner, and Thor (ThunderGodsWrath)

well lets say this battle starts outside in New York i am not exactly sure if you can BFR people this powerful but just in case no BFR

for the lanterns both pre and Nu 52 feats allowed

they start 227.423 meters apart

in character, win by Death, Incap, or KO, Standard Gear

and i think thats it lets begin

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Who exactly is debating for what team?

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227.423 is a nice number.

Good luck guys!

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@kidman560 said:

@thundergodswrath if i made any mistakes let me know!

No mistakes, although I won't be using White Lantern Kyle Rayner. I'll use when he could only use one emotional spectrum at a time and pre-52 feats. You should also put our names over our respective teams, so people know who's team is who.

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@thundergodswrath: right and i was going to ask about Kyle and that thanks for clearing that up!

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@thundergodswrath: sure why not i like to start off by showing how awesome my team is!

Silver Surfer


just a little durability showings of the surfer

and how could we forget the cosmic sense



his power my favorite one is the one where he steals the kids sandwich

against Tundra one of the strongest Great Beast

the sheer awesomeness of Nate!



Hal is in the book of OA

the many capabilities of Hal!

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it has begun

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@kidman560: Okay so i'm ready now.

I know the most powerful member of your team is Nate Grey, and that his telepathic powers are extremely uber. But I have ways of getting around it. I also wanted to debate against Nate Grey, because I don't think I ever done so. I hope this is a fun experience.

My Plan

As I've said before, Nate Grey is extremely powerful and hard to get around, but I have certain ways to get around his telepathic powers. As you may know Hank Henshaw has telepathic resistance thanks to him being an android, hence Nate is going to have to really try to get through. If Nate does manage to get through to Hank, than he can use his surroundings to strengthen his mind. With this he can either become immune or highly resistant to Nate's telepathy for a while at least. Not to mention Nate has to focus on incoming attacks from Thor, and Kyle too. He won't be able to keep all of that up at the same time. Kyle Rayner also has resistance to mental attacks, more so than other lanterns due to his high level of will power. Green lantern constructs have always been able to resist telepathy, so I will believe they can do the same here.

Here is an example of how well Lantens can protect against telepathy using constructs. Here is Hal Jordan who is basically Kyle's equal using a construct to block out Martian Manhunter's telepathy. Yes, it is not Hal, but if you read Green Lantern comics you would know that Kyle is a lot more skilled, and resourceful than Hal. So it is likely he would do the same.

Thor's telepathy resistance is all over the place to be honest, sometimes he can resist a Phoenix Force Emma, and other times he cans put down by Xavier easily. So i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say it's pretty low. But as you see in the scan Kyle can put protective mental shields around other people too. He could so for Thor. Although Thor may be useful here anyways. His lightning lightning was able to disrupts Red Skull's telepathy ( Red Skull has Xavier's brain, and telepathic abilities ). So it is possible he can do the same here to disrupt Nate's power long enough for them to put him down.

Silver Surfer has a lot to bring to this battle with his overall power, and versatility, but Thor has always been a good match for him. They can go multiple rounds with each other with either taking a victory. With the help of Hank Henshaw, Thor's victory is assured. Another problem for your team is Hank's technopathy, he can control multiple metal organisms easily to change the flow of the battle. With it he has done very high end feats, like control multiple robots that have given the JLA trouble, or combined them to his already dense body to make him overpower Superman. With this he will be able to out number any one of his opponents physically. Here is an example of how much Hank can control, and the various ways he can use it with. With Nate's power disrupted he is powerless, and can be taken out by a well connected attack.

Draining is also not going to be something used much in this battle as everyone here can drain high amounts of energy. If it did come to that my team can come overcome your team in that department. Thor has drained planetary objects, and energies multiple times, and blasts from beings that would one-shot anybody in this battle with ease, and Hank has drained power from the actual source wall. Those are feats that only Silver Surfer can replicate, and he won't be able to compete with both Hank and Thor at the same time. If it did come down to it Thor could drain the whole Green Lantern's power ring, and redirect the power right back at Silver Surfer. A blast like that would highly injure anyone in this battle or put them down due to the vast amount of power the energy rings posses. Not to mention when Thor redirects attacks, he amplifies it with his own power to make it more power. Since Silver Surfer will likely dodge the blast or counter it with his own (potentially), Hank can use his technopath to control the metal around to hold Surfer in place or Kyle can use a giant construct like he done against Ultraman. The construct Kyle used on Ultraman was so durable that he couldn't break out of it. The same Ultraman who could match Superman in strength or sometimes overpower. Surfer is going to have a hard time breaking the construct. By time he thinks to drain it, he will be blasted with a combined blast from Hank Henshaw and Thor. The blast will not only destroy the shield, but it will do heavily damage to Surfer, or most likely knocking him out. If he's not Ko'd, than he will be easy picking.

That's it for now

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@thundergodswrath: see what makes Nate strong is not his telepathy (though that is a big part of it) no its power also Nate and Surfer both know that Hank is not the most powerful person on your team no they know its Thor and nate will act accordingly


he destroy's the moon. in one hit

wrecks sinister hard

this the armor that allowed him to go toe to toe with Thanos (PIS if you ask me Nate should have Destroyed thanos but thats another matter) and allowed Hulk to beat Thanos

so the first thing Nate will do is put the armor on himself (for now) and should make rather short work Thor

Now for the Surfer he will move to attack Hank and i dont think hank can survive the power cosmic


surfer survives having a planet built around him

the illusions he creates are powerful enough to fool even Galactus

I also dont see how hank hits him here?

Now for Hal- I am under the belief that Hal is the best Green Lantern and i stand by that belief!

i am feeling lazy so i will post scans later however even if Hal cant beat Kyle (which he can and has done before) when Surfer finishes with Hank he can go help Hal!

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Sorry i've been late, i've been busy with school. I can post now on though.

Surfer does have a similar power to Nate Grey, but they are not as powerful. I don't really believe Surfer's powers is going to cause much trouble here. Also Thor being the most powerful doesn't really matter, what does matter is that he can put Hal done in one move. Thor's absorption abilities is without a doubt something that will come into play, not to mention it's extremely useful against your energy based team. If Thor drains Hal's ring than Mjolnir is containing lot's of energy, enough energy to end any being on your team. Thor can also amplify the energy. Here he absorbs Kang's energy, and fires it back it him amplified.

A full power blast from Hal was powerful enough to kill Krona, a Guardian. With Thor amplifing the power, anyone on your team is taken out of battle. That person would be Surfer. Even he would be obliterated from an attack like this.

Destroying a moon is something everyone in this battle has done or can replicate. It's not hardly a feat impressive enough. If he had destroyed a planet I would be impressed. Nate Grey is going to be difficult because he can shield against virtually everything my team has. Although since Kyle has been drained, and Surfer has been obliterated, the team can now all focus their power on Nate Grey. Although he does overpower them all individually, and wouldn't have too much trouble putting any down. Together they have what it takes to put him down. Thor can brew up a storm that can attack Nate from every angle and limit his movement, which will make him an easier target. Kyle can attach him to a giant drill construct that drills into his chest, and Hank can use his technopath to take control of all the other machines to suffocate or beat him to death with his unmatched physical strength. Kyle can also make constructs of other superheroes like Superman or Wonder Woman who have physical attributes past the 100 tons mark that can help against Nate. He has made the Justice League before. Sooner or later Nate's going to get put down, although he may take down 1-2 members. As for Hal being better than Kyle, yes in overall powerful, but when it comes to skill Kyle outmatches him. Tell me when Hal makes constructs like this (below), other than his usual ramming constructs.

Your turn.