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Who would win this battle between these two if they went all out?
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Byakuya would go 3rd lvl bankai ><

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I dont know to be honest if grimjaw unlocked his Hollow then it would be a pretty tight battle. I want to say Byakuya but I think grimjaw will still have something. Ah screw it Byakuya :D thats if he gets the oder to realse his ultimate move.

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Byakuya was overpowered by Bankai Ichigo.

Grimjaw beat the crap out of Bankai Ichigo and put a beating on Hollow Ichigo.

I think Grimjaw will take it unless Byakuya got some sort of power increase we haven't seen. I really wouldn't doubt it seeing how bad the writing is in Bleach. I say it surpasses DBZ for ridiculous power ups for no reason. Oh.. wait. There is a reason. "Resolve." XD LOLOLOL